The Best Lacrosse Heads for 2024

Choosing the proper lacrosse head for your position is one of the easiest ways to elevate your game and your team. The challenge is sifting through the huge variety of options available and making the right choice for your style of play.

Attackmen should have a head that offers excellent ball control, precise shooting, and a wide range of motion. Defensemen need a sturdy head that's large and durable enough to deflect shots, and midfielders will naturally want a head that's as versatile as they are. Goalies need a head that provides maximum protection, while faceoff specialists need one that's flexible and lightweight, with a narrow throat for ball control.

Ultimately, the edge you gain as a player is an extension of each head's technology and design. To help you sort through it all for the 2024 lacrosse season, we've assembled a guide of our favorite lax heads for each position, with some additional links to help you learn more.

Best offensive lax head: STX Hyper Power


The STX Hyper Power lacrosse head marks a creative shift in the brand's offensive imagination. In order to elevate the elite shooter's game, the Hyper Power features STX’s Power Ramp technology. This ramp creates a steeper angle between the bottom rail and the scoop, promoting a whipping motion that increases shot speed and consistency. The EnduraForm™ material enhances durability, while the Innerlock™ guides simplify stringing for a narrow pocket with exceptional hold. The Hyper Power represents a departure from STX's traditional focus on well-rounded heads suitable for various positions. Instead, it caters specifically to attackers seeking maximum power and accuracy in their shots.

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Best midfield lax head: Maverik Kinetik 2.0


The Maverik Kinetik 2.0 is a refined evolution of a fan-favorite head, solidifying Maverik's focus on versatility and performance. This mid-pocket option caters to a wide range of offensive players, boasting a tighter face shape, stiffer construction, evolved scoop, and lightweight design. Following the success of the original Kinetik, it retains the core values of versatility and control while incorporating some modern advancements. This well-rounded head appeals to players seeking a balance between power, precision, and agility.

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Best defensive lax head: ECD Rebel Defense


The ECD Rebel lacrosse head is available in both offensive and defensive versions. The Rebel Defense’s stiff construction is built for dominance, with a tighter face shape for punishing checks, aggressive ground ball pickups, and powerful shots. Both versions share the Rebel's lightweight design and focus on control, making them well-suited for players who like to dictate the pace of the game. The Rebel marks ECD's entry into the high-performance head market, carving a niche for players seeking an alternative to established brands.

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Best faceoff lax head: STX Duel 3 Head


The STX Duel 3 lacrosse head builds upon the brand's legacy of crafting high-performance face-off heads. Designed specifically for the face-off specialist or "stay-on" midfielder, the Duel 3 incorporates player feedback and material advancements from the well-regarded Duel and Duel 2 models. Reflex™ material offers flexibility and shape retention, allowing players to maintain control during the crucial battle at the X. A slimmed-down Speed Scoop facilitates faster ground ball pickups, while the shorter throat provides increased leverage and control. 

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Best goalie lax head: StringKing Mark 2G


The StringKing Mark 2G head continues the brand's commitment to goalies. Following the Mark series' legacy of customization, the Mark 2G boasts an unparalleled 42 stringing holes, allowing goalies to craft the perfect pocket for their playstyle. This head prioritizes performance with a lightweight design for swift reactions and a stiff construction for reliable saves. The optimized face shape further enhances a goalie's ability to achieve quicker outlets, while the shortened throat provides a greater sense of control.

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