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Marucci Cat X 32/27 Composite
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Marucci Cat X Composite 29/19 USSSA
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Marucci CAT X Composite Baseball Bat

The Marucci CAT X Composite Bat is available in both BBCOR and USSSA versions. It swings like a dream thanks to its stiff S-40 composite handle, which provides a balanced swing weight for developing hitters. The CAT X Composite also packs a punch. Its finely tuned composite barrel features a massive sweet spot, creating a trampoline effect for well-struck balls. The outer-locking system also eliminates vibration on contact for a comfortable feel, allowing young players to focus on making consistent, powerful swings.

Perfect bat for:
players who see a lot of games, high pitch speed, and are willing to spend money on top-of-the-line gear.

Key features include:

Composite PerformanceUtilizes a precision-balanced, maximum composite barrel that delivers a larger sweet spot and higher overall performance.
MDX, Multi-Directional CompositeProvides fine-tuned performance and weight distribution, ensuring a balanced feel for greater control and faster swing speeds.
Ring-Free BarrelAllows for more barrel flex and increased performance with no "dead" spots, offering a consistent and powerful hitting surface.
Sting-Free Comfort KnobFeatures an ergonomic design that reduces vibration and improves comfort, allowing players to swing with confidence.
Two-Piece CompositeDelivers a smooth, responsive feel throughout the swing, enhancing control and reducing feedback on mishits.
Micro-Perforated Cushy GripEnsures optimal grip and comfort, allowing for tighter control and minimizing hand fatigue during extended play.

Top Competitors

The CAT X Composite boasts a stiff S-40 composite handle for a balanced swing weight, ideal for developing hitters. The Ghost X offers a slightly heavier swing weight due to its two-piece composite construction, but might have an even larger sweet spot. The CF Zen utilizes a Continuous Fiber Composite barrel, focusing on a smooth, comfortable swing with a well-rounded sweet spot size. Ultimately, the choice depends on your preference: balanced swing for developing hitters (CAT X Composite), potentially largest sweet spot with a bit more weight (Ghost X), or smoothest swing with a comfortable feel (CF Zen).

Progression of the Marucci CAT X Composite Baseball Bat

The 2023 Marucci CAT X Composite is an updated version of the 2021 Marucci CAT 9 composite. Here are the key updates:

  • .5” lower balance point compare to Cat X Composite BBCOR. 
  • Change in composite barrel design. 
  • New S40 handle is stiffer than the previous composite handles.
  • Removable 34mm hard taper added for top-hand control and an ergonomic fit.
👍 Pros
Bought for son transitioning to BBCOR. Light and balanced. Good pop and sound. Great balanced bat!
It’s like cheating, it’s awesome! Whole barrel is super hot. 33” sweet spot.
Bat has huge sweet spot. Lots of pop!
👎 Cons
My son's bat grip is separating already. The bat lacks the usual sound of CatX or Cat8 bats. We paid extra for the grip, but it's coming apart fast.
The price doesn't deserve more than 4 stars.
Bought this bat for my 14 year old, felt good during batting practice, but the second he hit the ball in game it broke in half!

The CAT X Composite is very, very easy to swing. Not quite as popular as the CF in terms of performance. There are newer Marucci bats out there that are stronger, hotter-performing bats. But it's still a top top-tier bat. It's right up there with the CAT9 composite, but it doesn't get the notoriety because you've got some newer bats on the market with cooler paint jobs.


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