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Snowboard Apparel & Outerwear Frequently Asked Questions

Evolution of Snowboard Style

While snowboarding first gained prominence in the 1960s, the very first version of the snowboard was actually seen as early as the 1930s. Back then, riders wore informal clothing and flat caps -- and probably weren’t dressed warmly enough for the weather. Fast forward to the ‘60s, riders mostly adhered to what was known as “surf style,” opting for sunglasses and jeans when they were out on the slopes. The 1970s saw more experimentation, with snowboarders wearing skinny leggings, sunglasses, and smaller, waterproof jackets. The 1980s saw snowboarding go more mainstream, which meant style inspired by punk, grunge, and hip-hop -- the major music influences of the time. This led to the now iconic snowboard style that we’ve seen all through the early 2000s into present day. Baggy jackets, extra-large t-shirts, colorful hats and goggles, flannel and denim all have a presence in today’s snowboarding fashion.

Snowboard Fashion Icons

Famous snowboarders like Shaun Palmer and John Gardiel started the unique style that influenced snowboarding culture and what modern riders choose to wear today. Palmer exemplified the punk influences that crept into the snowboarding world in the ‘80s, often seen wearing graphic t-shirts and crazy printed shorts. In the ‘90s, Gardiel popularized wearing a Rasta-print belt with his snow pants, and you can find tons of Rasta print goggles, socks and neck warmers today as a result of his early influence. And we can’t forget the rise of the beanie; these hats are still seen everywhere today, and snowboarders usually opt to wear them in place of a helmet or underneath their helmets. We say safety first -- always wear a helmet when you’re riding!

Profile of Burton

An iconoclast in the sport, the late Jake Burton Carpenter -- founder of Burton -- had a lasting impact not only on snowboarding technology, but on the sport’s culture as well. Getting started in the 1960s on a snurfer, he used his passion for the fledgling sport to build innovative boards that would become the basis of the modern boards we see today. From the company’s origins in the ‘70s to today, Burton is committed to producing high-quality boards, accessories, and apparel with a strong focus on sustainability. Burton jackets, pants, gloves, shirts and hoodies are worn by riders of all levels all around the world.