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33/30 Bonesaber 2022
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Warstic Bonesaber Baseball Bats

Established in 2011, Warstic is a relatively young company in the competitive world of baseball equipment, on a mission to blend the worlds of art, baseball, and a “warrior-like mentality”. The Warstic Bonesaber is constructed of the highest grade ultra light alloy and features a Katana2X Alloy Barrel with a state-of-the-art double taper. It has a thinner handle that increases swing speed and whip thru the zone, improves feel, and maximizes sweet spot. The combination of the Pommel Precision Knob paired with one piece construction will give you unmatched comfort and bat control.

Perfect bat for:
Players seeking the firm feel of a single piece bat.

Key features include:

Katana2X Alloy BarrelConstructed of ultra light weight premium alloy with a double taper barrel shape.
Patented Pommel Precision KnobThe most pro style knob on the market for unmatched comfort and control.
Tsuka Warrior’s GripAn ultra-thin synthetic leather providing ultimate control.
Aerophite CapBuilt with a feather lite composite material to add durability while maximizing swing speed.
‘Speed Loaded’ One PieceBuilt for speed without sacrificing power output.
Bone ColorBased on natural maple wood bats and is approved for NCAA and NJCAA play.

Top Competitors

Bonesaber swings comfortably with a large, forgiving KatanaX Alloy Barrel for massive power. Marucci CAT9 boasts an even larger sweet spot and might be the most powerful of the three. Easton ADV 360 prioritizes a balanced swing weight with a well-regarded handle for precise contact hitting, making it a good option for players who want power and control. All three are composite or hybrid, with Bonesaber and CAT9 falling within a similar price range and typically costing less than the Easton ADV 360.

Progression of the Warstic Bonesaber Baseball Bat

Here is a list that details the progression of this series, highlighting the main features and advancements with each new model.

2020 - Bonesaber
  • Stealth matte black design
  • Improved alloy for enhanced performance
2021 - Bonesaber BBCOR
  • New pommel design for increased leverage
  • Enhanced alloy
2022 - Bonesaber
  • Updated graphics and colorways
  • Refined alloy for balance and speed
  • Enhanced pommel grip
  • Improved balance
👍 Pros
My son loves his Bonesaber bat due to its large sweet spot, perfect for power hitters. It's one of the top bats in his NY little league and is highly sought-after by other kids.
I’ve been practicing in the cage with the Warstick bat, and the ball jumps off the bat. This lightweight bat has made my hands quicker to the ball.
I love the feel of the tapered knob, just like a wood bat. Also, it looks badass.
👎 Cons
Bat doesn't have expected power for the price. Similar "pop" to $100 Rawlings Threat. Expected better.
No pop from this bat.
Bat is not very powerful when new, vibration on mishits uncomfortable. Weight and balance good. Was hoping for more power with use.

The Warstic Bonesaber is a single-piece aluminum bat known for its unique flared knob. It resembles some of the wood bats that the pro ball players use. Which is why I think some players go for it. But performance-wise, it's not my favorite bat. It's stiff and a little on the heavy side.


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