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New Nike L3 Head
Retail price: $150
Used STX Ultra Power Head
Retail price: $100
New Attack & Midfield Unstrung Burn XP-O Head
Retail price: $100
Irish Dyed Strung Kinetic
Retail price: $135

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Lacrosse Heads Frequently Asked Questions

In the old days, picking a lacrosse head was easy because there were so few to choose from. There were only two big manufacturers—STX and Brine—and each only made one or two different heads. By the 1990s, they started to make more, based somewhat on position. Brine really set the tone for the future when they introduced the M line of heads with a version each for attack, midfield and defense.

Nowadays, each year brings a new line of heads from every manufacturer. Or a sequel. Or an anticipated refresh of a favorite from years ago. There are more than two companies making heads now and each of the many great shops out there from Maverik to Gait to True, Warrior, ECD and STX and everything in between, all produce excellent position-specific heads.

That means there are now more heads to choose from than ever before, each designed and engineered for different uses on the field. Attack heads are light and tight, while defense heads are heavier and wider. Goalie heads more resemble pool skimmers or fishing nets,but the different shapes and sizes serve each of those positions and the different demands of the game for each spot on the field.

All that choice however can be paralyzing.