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Ski Apparel Frequently Asked Questions

Ski fashion over the years

Ski fashion has been evolving since the 1800s. Back then, skiing for sport was not exactly a concept that had been accepted by casual skiers. As a result, vacationing skiers wore long coats, fur scarves and high winter fashion when they skied. Ski fashion didn't develop much until the 1920s, when women started wearing trousers and layers that made it easier for them to maneuver on the slopes. Ski sweaters, made of polyester, had a rise in popularity in the 1950s as skiing became a more accessible sport for the masses. Fast forward to the 1980s, which saw a surge of neon ski jackets, jumpsuits, and spandex. This was an iconic fashion wave, creating trends that most skiers today would consider “vintage ski gear” -- and a popular Halloween costume.

How to size a ski jacket

When considering ski jacket sizing, it is important to know what type of fit you’re going for. There are a few different cuts of ski jackets available. A “slim fit” will provide a more streamlined fit, which is ideal for skiers with a need for speed, and those who want maximum maneuverability. For a more relaxed look, a standard fit can be layered more easily and suits individuals with an average build. Snowboarders and park skiers tend to favor a more relaxed, baggy fit when it comes to their jackets. For standard jacket sizes, men's coats usually range from small jackets fitting a chest that measures between 36-38 inches, to 3XL jackets that fit 53-56 inch chests. For women, the range can vary from extra small (fitting a 31-32 inch chest), to 2XL (for a 45-48 inch chest).

Most popular ski apparel brands

Ski apparel is all about combining function with fashion. Popular brands of ski and snowboard jackets include Armada, Ride, North Face -- the list goes on. For ski racers, Spyder ski jackets offer a well-engineered fit to keep you as aerodynamic as possible. Helly Hansen, another big-name manufacturer, creates jackets that offer flattering fits that are also designed to adapt to different temperatures and altitudes. Another behemoth name in the outdoor space is Patagonia, whose ski jackets are exceptionally waterproof and windproof. You’ll never be cold in a Patagonia jacket -- especially if you layer up with a Patagonia fleece underneath.