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Lacrosse Cleats Frequently Asked Questions

There are basketball shoes and football cleats and golf shoes and soccer cleats. For the longest time, until fairly recently actually, lacrosse cleats weren’t a thing. The sport had to borrow shoes from other aisles in shoe stores like football and soccer.

While lacrosse can be played on many different surfaces, either inside or outside, when the game is played on grass or turf-grass, it’s typically expected players wear cleats for comfort, performance and safety.

Prior to today’s wide market of footwear designed specifically for the demands of the game of lacrosse, it was not uncommon for outdoor field players to wear football cleats a lot of the time. While indoor players and turf players prefer turf shoes or basketball shoes, outdoor field players are best served by a pair of molded cleats that are comfortable and offer lots of support and traction.

Nike is now seven generations into the Huarache line of lacrosse-specific cleats that are regarded among the best footwear you can find. Other shoe manufacturers like New Balance and Adidas are also excellent choices, as are respected shoe brands like Under Armour.