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Used Senior Bauer Nsx Hockey Pants
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Hockey Pants, Girdles & Shells Frequently Asked Questions

Don't underestimate the importance of hockey pants

An experienced hockey player knows how important hockey pants are to ensure comfort and safety. Hockey pants are designed to protect four high-risk areas: the hips, tailbone, thighs, and kidneys. When properly fitted, hockey pants can prevent the rest of your pads from sliding out of place, thus protecting your body from exposure to shots, falls, hits, and slashes. As with other hockey equipment, all different hockey pant models come with different kinds of features. Some of these pants’ important features include adjustable belts for the waist, enhanced padding in the lower spine and kidneys, thigh zippers, and adequate ventilation.

What size hockey pants should I buy?

Traditional hockey pants consist of three main components: armored plastic/foam padding, a nylon fabric shell, and stretch material for mobility. While hockey pants incorporate all of these components, hockey girdles come with separate, non-fixed nylon shells as well as tight-fitting liners.

Proper hockey pants sizing is crucial for adequate protection during play. Most pants feature zippers for leg panel openings, as well as adjustable padding throughout the back and sides of the pants. All pants have waist belts, most of which include buttons that you can attach suspenders to if you so choose.

Most hockey pants come in standard XL – XXL size designations. However, each brand fits differently. Youth hockey pants come in 20-23” waist sizes, and are 3'- 4'4" high. Senior hockey pants, on the other hand, measure 5'5"- 6'3” high and run 30”- 40" or more in the waist. For optimal protection, choose pants that are long enough to cover your knee when you bend it.

Most popular brands of hockey pants

Hockey pants are an important piece of protective gear. Top of the line brands like CCM, Bauer, and Warrior offer a wide range of pants.

Bauer hockey pants utilize light technology in the lower parts of the thighs that give them a really amazing fit. These pants are infused with molded plastic for hip protection during play. CCM pants, on the other hand, are loved by elite players for their sturdy construction. These pants are equipped with 400 denier exterior, with HD overlays for improved comfort and durability. The closure system has been updated with an internal construction for enhanced durability.