Top 5 Faceoff Lacrosse Heads for 2024

The faceoff specialist is a lone warrior battling for possession at the center of the field. But even the most skilled player needs the right weapon. With so many faceoff heads vying for your attention, choosing the best one for 2024 can be a head-scratcher.

Selecting a faceoff lacrosse head requires finding the perfect balance between flex for clamping and stiffness for control. A well-designed, deep channel is essential to secure the ball, and some heads offer different throat widths to optimize your leverage. Faceoff heads typically have a wider face shape for trapping, and while weight isn't crucial, a lighter option can enhance agility. Legality is also key: ensure your chosen head complies with current lacrosse faceoff regulations.

Below are our top five faceoff heads for 2024, built to help you conquer the X and become a force to be reckoned with on the field.

Nike CEO


The Nike CEO lacrosse head isn't just a namesake—it’s a faceoff performance champion. Explicitly designed for midfielders, it has a short throat for power and control during draws, an aggressive scoop for effortless ground ball pickups, and a zero-friction design for fast reactions. While Nike entered the lacrosse market focused on offensive sticks, the CEO series specifically targets the midfield and has quickly gained recognition for its faceoff prowess.

Nike CEO 2


The Nike CEO 2 lax head builds upon the success of the original CEO while targeting ambitious faceoff midfielders and offensive players. It features a shortened throat that creates closer hand placement for increased power and control during faceoffs, an aggressive scoop designed for easy ground ball pickups from any angle, and a high-pinch profile that ensures crisp passes and laser-focused shots when transitioning to offense. 

Stringking Mark 2F


The StringKing Mark 2F Lacrosse Head is a weapon for face-off specialists, meticulously crafted for domination at the X. Its selling points are a hybrid plastic construction, an angled scoop, and a shortened throat, which grants leverage for quicker reactions. The high flare with a straighter sidewall enhances ball control, which is crucial for winning the battle and securing possession. Stringking initially focused on high-performance mesh, but the release of the Mark 2F is part of an ambitious foray into the competitive head market—explicitly targeting the faceoff.

ECD Lacrosse Weapon X


The ECD Weapon X was designed in collaboration with faceoff legend Greg "Beast" Gurenlian. Its unique design uses a proprietary blend of FlexForm material to offer strength and flexibility, with strategically placed flex points throughout the head to enhance responsiveness and power transfer. It also has a short throat that brings your hands closer to the ball for increased control. The Weapon X has multiple versions, such as the Weapon X Pro, as well as customization options based on player preference.

STX Duel 3 Head


The STX Duel 3 Lacrosse Head builds upon the brand's legacy of crafting high-performance face-off heads. Designed specifically for the face-off specialist or "stay-on" midfielder, the Duel 3 incorporates player feedback and material advancements from the well-regarded Duel and Duel 2 models. Reflex™ material offers flexibility and shape retention, allowing players to maintain control during the crucial battle at the X. A slimmed-down Speed Scoop facilitates faster ground ball pickups, while the shorter throat provides increased leverage and control. 

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