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True Pro Stock Catalyst PX3
Retail price: $1,200
CCM Eflex 5 580 Glove
Retail price: $629

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Pro Stock Hockey Gear & Equipment Frequently Asked Questions

Pro stock hockey gear is equipment made and customized specifically for professional and junior players, ranging anywhere from college hockey to the NHL. When you hear about pro stock gear it’s usually in reference to sticks, but you can find anything from pro stock skates to shoulder pads on SidelineSwap.

When it comes to taking your game to the next level, you’ll take any edge you can get - that’s where pro stock hockey gear comes in. Because every piece of pro stock gear is customized for elite level players, it’s usually just a bit better than its retail counterpart. Depending on the piece, that could mean it’s lighter, stronger, more durable, or more protective than the retail version. Ultimately when you shop pro stock, you’re getting a better product - often for a better price.