Top 5 Defensive Lacrosse Heads for 2024

As a defenseman, your lacrosse head needs to be durable enough to win ground ball battles, lightweight enough for fast clears, and stiff enough to check and harass your opponents.

In other words, the best defensive lacrosse heads should provide you with both strength and agility—blending these qualities in a way that’s comfortable to hold and emphasizes the nuances of your defensive style.

Don't underestimate the importance of the scoop design. A wider face shape offers more surface area for ground balls and checks, while a narrower head with a high pocket stringing configuration can aid in ball control during clears. A deep scoop is helpful for winning loose balls, and your string holes should permit a high pocket for better control.

Below are our top five defensive lax heads for 2024, with some key details to help you choose the perfect head for shutting down your opponents all season long.

STX Hammer 900

The STX Hammer 900 lacrosse head lives up to its name, offering defensemen a durable, hard-hitting tool built for their end of the field. Built upon the legacy of the Hammer line, it has STX’s Enduraform™ plastic construction, providing unmatched stiffness and shape retention. This design helps ensure that your checks will hurt—but your pocket shape will stay perfect. The redesigned Speed Scoop™ facilitates effortless ground ball pickups, even at awkward angles, while the tighter face profile grants control for pinpoint clears and fast breaks.

StringKing Mark 2D

The StringKing Mark 2D lacrosse head is a dominant choice for defenders. It features a stiff construction and a wide face shape to aid in strong checks and pass disruption. The pocket is a blended design for both scooping up ground balls and maintaining control while cradling. The Mark 2D maintains the durable beauty of the original StringKing Mark series, including its high number (29) of sidewall holes for forming a personalized pocket.

Maverik Havok 2

The Maverik Havok 2.0 lacrosse head continues its predecessor's legacy as a top choice for elite defensemen and LSMs (long stick midfielders). It features a tighter face for enhanced control and increased stiffness through a reimagined 4-strut design, and it’s built to deliver powerful checks and disrupt offensive plays. The scoop is specifically engineered to excel at ground ball pickups, making it easier to gain possession and transition the ball upfield.

Maverik Tank 2.0

The Maverik Tank 2.0 stands as a monument to the brand’s prowess among defensemen. This ultra-stiff head (the stiffest Maverik has ever made) caters to the enforcer on the field, boasting unmatched rigidity with the 6-strut Xrail design and Duratough materials. With a wide face shape and a high pocket design, the Tank 2.0 takes stiffness and ground ball control seriously. It’s an uncompromising head that caters to defenders who prioritize stopping power and ball possession.


ECD Rebel Defense

The ECD Rebel lacrosse head is available in both offensive and defensive versions. The Rebel Defense’s stiff construction is built for dominance, with a tighter face shape for punishing checks, aggressive ground ball pickups, and powerful shots. Both versions share the Rebel's lightweight design and focus on control, making them well-suited for players who like to dictate the pace of the game. The Rebel marks ECD's entry into the high-performance head market, carving a niche for players seeking an alternative to established brands.

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