Top 5 Goalie Lacrosse Heads for 2024

With so many options on the market, choosing a lacrosse goalie head for the upcoming season may seem a little daunting. This guide is meant to help you focus on the details that matter and find the best lacrosse head for dominating the net.

Head size is key: aim for a balance between coverage and agility. Prioritize stiffness for more powerful shot deflection, with durable (yet lightweight) materials that can withstand the punishment of being a constant target. A shallow pocket is your friend for controlling rebounds, and the stringing holes should allow for a full, customizable pocket to trap and control deflected shots.

We've found the lax goalie heads below to have the best blend of these characteristics for the upcoming season, while also offering comfort, style, and quality.

Here are the top five lax goalie heads for 2024.

STX Eclipse 2


The STX Eclipse 2 goalie head is an upgrade to the top-selling STX Eclipse. The Eclipse 2 builds on the legacy of its predecessor by offering increased stiffness for stronger saves without adding weight. This makes it easier for goalies to react quickly to shots. It also features a redesigned scoop for better ground ball control, an ergonomic throat for a secure grip, and additional sidewall holes for more customization options when stringing the pocket for your preferred playing style.

Under Armour Command G


Under Armour's Command G goalie head carves a niche for itself within the brand's limited lacrosse offerings, focusing on providing goalies with a well-rounded feature set. This head prioritizes comfort and control with an ergonomic throat design for a secure grip. It caters to a variety of stringing styles with ample stringing holes, allowing goalies to create a pocket that suits their needs. The lightweight yet durable nylon construction ensures the head can withstand tough competition. Under Armour’s Glide+ Scoop Technology adds better ball channeling, helping to scoop up ground balls from any angle. It’s a solid option for goalies seeking a customizable head that prioritizes control and efficient ground ball handling.

StringKing Mark 2G


The StringKing Mark 2G goalie head represents a continuation of the brand's commitment to innovation in the goalie equipment space. Following the Mark series' legacy of customization, the Mark 2G boasts an unparalleled 42 stringing holes, allowing goalies to craft the perfect pocket for their playstyle. This head prioritizes performance with a lightweight design for swift reactions and a stiff construction for reliable saves. The optimized face shape further enhances a goalie's ability to achieve quicker outlets, while the shortened throat provides a greater sense of control.

Warrior Nemesis 3


The Warrior Nemesis 3 goalie head stands as a titan in Warrior's legacy of top-tier net protection. At a mere 325 grams, the Nemesis 3 boasts pro-level stiffness, upgraded reinforcement, an ultra-rugged sidewall, and tapered stringing holes that offer greater customization options. Warrior has pushed the boundaries of goalie equipment, and the Nemesis 3 remains a top choice for elite and aspiring goalies alike, offering the confidence and control needed to dominate the crease.

EDC Lacrosse Impact


The ECD Impact Goalie head marks a significant foray by ECD Lacrosse into the goalie equipment market. The Impact caters to the needs of elite goalies by using a lightweight, stiff SL-105 plastic that offers exceptional responsiveness and control while reducing weight for better mobility. An optimized face shape and ergonomic throat further enhance handling and comfort. The Impact stays true to ECD's reputation for quality with a design that is engineered to be durable and long-lasting.

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