Top 5 Attack Lacrosse Heads for 2024

Attackmen steal the spotlight in lacrosse—and they depend on their lax head to complement their playing style and maximize their potential.

In general, when choosing an attack lacrosse head, you'll want to prioritize a narrow face shape with a tight pinch for superior cradling and control. Aim for a low to mid pocket that allows for one-handed catching and quick throws. Lightweight composite materials enhance agility, while a balanced stiffness offers power without sacrificing ball feel.

Don't overlook the scoop. It should be designed for easy groundball pickups without impacting the head's attack capabilities. Finally, remember that your chosen head should complement your preferred stringing style to create the perfect pocket for your game.

However you’re planning to attack the season ahead, these are our five favorite lax heads for 2024.

STX Surgeon 900


The STX Surgeon 900 Lacrosse Head marked a new pinnacle for the brand's attack designs. Built for elite attackmen, it prioritizes speed, control, and pinpoint accuracy. Its lightweight design, achieved through STX's EnduraForm material, shaved off precious grams for unmatched lightweight agility. It also features an improved Speed Scoop and streamlined stringing for a customized pocket. 

The Surgeon 900's influence lives on in its successor, the STX Surgeon 1K, ensuring its place in STX's lineup as a game-changer for attackmen.

Maverik Optik 3.0


The Optik line has a strong track record for innovation and player-centric design. The Maverik Optik 3.0 lacrosse head refines this legacy, focusing on the specific needs of dodging, feeding, and finishing for attackmen. The 3.0 also features an increased offset for a deeper pocket, a shortened throat for an improved top-hand feel, and a dual-strut sidewall for stiffness and reduced weight. The 20 sidewall holes offer stringing customization for personalized pocket preference.


STX Hyper Power


The STX Hyper Power lacrosse head marks a creative shift in the brand's offensive imagination. In order to elevate the elite shooter's game, the Hyper Power features STX’s Power Ramp technology. This ramp creates a steeper angle between the bottom rail and the scoop, promoting a whipping motion that increases shot speed and consistency. The EnduraForm™ material enhances durability, while the Innerlock™ guides simplify stringing for a narrow pocket with exceptional hold.

The Hyper Power represents a departure from STX's traditional focus on well-rounded heads suitable for various positions. Instead, it caters specifically to attackers seeking maximum power and accuracy in their shots.


ECD Rebel Offense


The ECD Rebel lacrosse head is available in both offensive and defensive versions. The line marks ECD's entry into the high-performance head market, carving a niche for players seeking an alternative to established brands. 

The Rebel Offense boasts a slightly pinched scoop and aggressive flare, promising deadly accurate feeds and scorching shots. Conversely, the Rebel Defense features a tighter face shape for punishing checks, aggressive ground ball pickups, and powerful shots, thanks to its stiff construction. Both options share the Rebel's lightweight design and focus on control, making them well-suited for players who like to dictate the pace of the game.

StringKing Mark 2A


The StringKing Mark 2A lacrosse head is a meticulously engineered tool for attackmen seeking control and lightning-fast execution. It’s a super-light design, with a narrow face shape and a mid-low pocket. This combination grants attackmen the confidence to weave through defenders, make accurate shots, and dominate the game.

Founded by two former college lacrosse players in Medfield, Mass., StringKing initially focused on high-performance mesh, becoming synonymous with innovative stringing solutions. The Mark 2A marked their ambitious entrance into the lax head market. 

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