Top 5 "Mid-Kick" Hockey Sticks for 2024

If you’ve been shopping for a hockey stick recently, you’ve probably heard the phrase “kick point”. For those new to the game, this refers to the location where a hockey stick flexes when you’re shooting or passing the puck. Your style of play can greatly impact the kick point that will work best for you.

Mid-kick points are ideal for players who want snappy passes and extra power. They’re intended mainly for defenders who can take slightly more time to load up their shot before releasing it. Models from the biggest names in hockey, such as the CCM Super Tacks series, True Catalyst, STX Stallion, and the legendary Bauer Supreme line, each offer sticks made to give players more power on their shots.

At SidelineSwap, you can find top-of-the-line sticks for a fraction of their retail price. With help from hockey expert Jon Leung, who spent 10 years working for large US hockey retailers before coming to SidelineSwap as a Trade-in Coordinator, we’ve put together a list of our five favorite mid-kick hockey sticks for 2024

CCM Super Tacks AS-V Pro Hockey Stick


The CCM Super Tacks AS-V PRO hockey stick caters to players who want both power and shooting accuracy. It achieves this by incorporating a mid-kick flex point that offers a sweet spot between loading power for forceful slapshots and responsiveness for quick releases on wrist shots. CCM introduces the V-shaped shaft geometry for better grip and feel, a departure from the traditional T-shaped design. The AS-V Pro boasts high-end technologies like the ACUFEEL 2 blade with a dampening layer for improved puck feel and control, and Skeleton+ Taper technology for added reliability and durability.

Super Tacks AS-V Pro starting at just $25!

True Catalyst 9X Hockey Stick


True’s Catalyst 9X hockey stick represents a significant advancement in its lineup, emphasizing lightweight construction without sacrificing performance. This stick builds upon the success of the earlier models by incorporating innovations like the Precision Laminate Design. This new layering process uses spread tow fabric to significantly reduce weight while maintaining durability. The Catalyst 9X is one of True’s lightest sticks ever, making it ideal for players who prioritize maneuverability and quick releases. The stick features a mid-kick point that offers a good balance between power for shooting and responsiveness for puck handling, making it a versatile option for offensive players. 

Catalyst 9X starting at just $30!

STX Stallion HPR2 Hockey Stick


The STX Stallion HPR2 hockey stick is designed to unleash your inner slapshot machine, with enough finesse for controlled plays, too. This mid-kick champion loads up with energy for powerful slapshots while maintaining enough pop for quick releases on your wrist and snapshots. The Pureblade Power construction, featuring a blend of 3K and 18k carbon fibers in the blade, keeps things light and responsive. Top that off with a mid-flex profile that maximizes energy transfer for harder shots, and the ultra-lightweight construction that feels like an extension of your arms. 

Stallion HPR2 starting at just $40!

Bauer Supreme Ultrasonic Hockey Stick


The Bauer Supreme Ultrasonic hockey stick represents a leap forward for Bauer. This stick boasts several firsts for the Supreme series. It features Monocomp technology, a one-piece molding process that eliminates excess weight, making this Supreme stick weight in at only 390 grams. This technology creates a more consistent flex throughout the stick as well, maximizing energy transfer for powerful shots. The UltraSonic features the Sonic Taper, a unique seven-sided shaft design that reduces weight and torque while maintaining stability for powerful slapshots.

Supreme Ultrasonic starting at just $59!

Bauer Proto-R Hockey Stick


The Bauer Proto-R hockey stick stands out as a unique addition to Bauer's lineup. Marketed as a deceptive stick, the Proto-R emphasizes a lightweight design and a mid-kick flex point for powerful shots from anywhere on the ice. This allows for a quick release and makes it difficult for goalies to read the shot. Bauer uses Boron Fiber Technology, exclusive to their brand, to achieve a lightweight feel while maintaining a stiff blade for powerful shots.

Proto-R starting at just $75!

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