Top 3 Lacrosse Helmets for 2024

Lacrosse is a fast-moving and potentially punishing game—and a properly fitting helmet is your first line of defense. If you’ve played competitively, you know that a good helmet will absorb impact, prevent injuries, and boost your confidence by giving you a safe vantage point of even the most intense action on the field.

But a lacrosse helmet is only as good as its fit. A loose helmet will rotate or come off during contact, while a helmet that's too tight will become an uncomfortable distraction. Finding a helmet that’s snug without causing pressure points is crucial.

A new lacrosse helmet will cost hundreds of dollars, but with proper selection and care, you’ll get multiple seasons and plenty of play out of it. If you're on a budget or just starting out, you should prioritize buying used, as there’s a wealth of good gear available for a fraction of the cost of new equipment.

Below are the top three lacrosse helmets for 2024. We’ll explore characteristics like impact protection, ventilation, vision, and overall comfort to ensure you score the perfect helmet for the upcoming season.

Cascade XRS Lacrosse Helmet


The Cascade XRS is the pinnacle of Cascade's helmet lineup. A key feature is the Tri-Liner system, which combines three distinct liner technologies to reduce variable-force impacts, creating a 360° fit. This design aims to address a wide range of impact forces, from high-intensity hits to glancing blows. The XRS also boasts the Pro Vision mask with an angled second vision bar (increasing peripheral vision by ~20%), designed to maximize downward visibility for superior ground ball tracking without sacrificing facial protection. 

XRSs starting at $50!

Cascade S Lacrosse Helmet


The Cascade S lacrosse helmet represents a leap forward in design and technology for Cascade. This helmet is designed for attackers and midfielders who prioritize a balance of protection and comfort. The biggest upgrade is the wide-open visibility. The S sits slightly higher and allows a much better up-and-down field of vision. The Tri-Liner system combined with the Supermono™ S shell creates the ideal protection package. The S is also super lightweight and breathable, thanks to ventilation ports where cool air flows in and out the rear XFLO exhaust. Building on Cascade's legacy of customization, the S allows for a 360° contoured fit that can be micro-adjusted on the fly.

Ss starting at $20!

Warrior Burn Lacrosse Helmet


The Warrior Burn Lacrosse Helmet has carved a niche within the Warrior brand as a high-performance option that combines protection and a modern design aesthetic. A key feature is the Viconic protection system, which utilizes lightweight diffusion plates strategically placed in impact zones like the temples and occipital lobe. This design aims to absorb and disperse the force of a blow across a wider area. The Burn also features a BOA® Fit System, a micro-adjustable dial located in the rear of the helmet that provides players with a custom fit. 

Burns starting at $60!

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