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Cascade S Lacrosse Helmets Frequently Asked Questions

Cascade S Lacrosse Helmets

Product Description:

The Cascade S lacrosse helmet represents a leap forward in design and technology for Cascade. This helmet is designed for attackers and midfielders who prioritize a balance of protection and comfort. The biggest upgrade is the wide-open visibility. The S sits slightly higher and allows a much better up-and-down field of vision. The Tri-Liner system combined with the Supermono™ S shell creates the ideal protection package. The S is also super lightweight and breathable, thanks to ventilation ports where cool air flows in and out the rear XFLO exhaust. Building on Cascade's legacy of customization, the S allows for a 360° contoured fit that can be micro-adjusted on the fly.

Perfect helmet for:

advanced players in high school, college, or professional leagues, who prioritize top-of-the-line protection, comfort, and vision on the field.

Key features include:

  • GEN4 EPP manages variable force impacts specific to the front of the helmet and face mask.
  • NV3 foam unites the shell and liner providing protection to the crown of the head.
  • Seven Technology compresses on impact to laterally displace energy and resets within seconds. It is placed in key impact zones on the side and rear to manage repeated impacts.
  • A one-piece shell and visor design that creates a rigid system to manage frontal impacts.
  • A reinforced S-Series jaw that has a dual-material chin piece.
  • VisionBar's PowerPress technology enhances sight lines and face mask rigidity.
  • Expanded ventilation ports that increase breathability by 2x, allowing cool air to flow through and exit out the rear Xflo exhaust.
  • Three customizable jaw pads provide a 360-degree contoured fit that can be micro-adjusted on the fly for ultimate comfort.

Top competitors comparison: the Warrior Burn and the STX Rival

While the Cascade S is a top contender, both the Warrior Burn and STX Rival offer strong competition. The Warrior Burn prioritizes traditional impact absorption with a focus on key zones, while the STX Rival boasts a budget-friendly price tag and a comfortable, adjustable fit achieved through its Sure-Fit Air System. On the field, all three helmets prioritize safety with certifications from NOCSAE and SEI. Ultimately, choosing between them depends on your budget and whether you prioritize a customizable fit or superior ventilation, a strength of the Cascade S.


The Cascade S helmet wasn't the first chapter in Cascade's line. It succeeded the Cascade R, marking a significant leap in design and functionality. Here's a breakdown of the progression:

Pre-R Era: Cascade's journey began with the original Cascade helmet, a major upgrade from traditional leather buckets. It offered a sleek design and more protection for the face. Models like C2 and CLH2 followed, refining the shape and introducing the now-familiar visor design.

CPX-R: This helmet introduced the "tail fin" design element still seen in Cascade helmets today. It also boasted a new liner system and a downward-sloping face mask for better visibility and aesthetics.

Cascade R: This helmet was built upon the CPX-R's foundation with several key upgrades, including a seven-technology liner system that effectively disperses impact energy throughout the helmet, a more customizable fit system, and a sleek and streamlined look that became a signature of Cascade helmets.

Cascade S: Surpassing the R, the Cascade S reigns supreme as one of Cascade's top-of-the-line offerings. It builds upon the R's success with further advancements including:

  • An even more refined version of the Seven Technology liner system and introduces SmartShock technology, which strategically manages impact across different areas of the helmet.
  • The S takes customization to a new level with an improved fit system that allows for personalized adjustments for optimal comfort and protection.
  • A redesigned shell with enhanced ventilation channels for maximum breathability during intense play.

What people are saying (edited for clarity and brevity)


  • The Cascade S is the most comfortable helmet I've ever worn. The Tri-Liner system really conforms to my head, and the sizing dial lets me get a nice, snug fit without any pressure points.
  • My son plays attack and just switched to the Cascade S this season. It's a night and day difference from his old helmet. He says it feels much lighter, which helps him with dodging and moving around quickly. The padding feels really secure too.
  • I've been using the Cascade S for two seasons now, and I can't say enough good things about it. The protection is top-notch. I've taken some pretty good shots to the head over the years, and I've never felt anything. The helmet does a great job of absorbing the impact.


  • The biggest downside to the Cascade S is the price. It's definitely one of the more expensive helmets on the market. However, I do believe you get what you pay for.
  • Sizing can be a bit tricky with the Cascade S. I had to order two different sizes to find the right fit.
  • It's a bit on the higher end in terms of price, and some younger players might not need all the bells and whistles that this helmet offers.

Expert notes (by elite seller Benaround)

The Cascade S is a good helmet for any level. My kid—he's eight—loves his S. One thing to note is that all youth Cascades helmets are slightly smaller than the adults. The one-piece shell and visor create a pretty rigid helmet to manage impacts. They also moved the center of gravity to the middle of the crown, keeping its weight balanced and aligned.

Overall feel: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Visibility: ⭐⭐⭐

Protection: ⭐⭐⭐