Best Beginner Hockey Goalie Sets for 2024

With the help of hockey expert, Chris Dudo, aka Goalie Gear Snob, we put together our list of the best beginner hockey goalie sets for 2024. 

Before we dive into the finer points of our favorite beginner goalie sets, it’s worth pointing out that it's often a good idea for beginners to shop secondhand for gear. Here's why:

  • New goalie pads are expensive: Finding a quality used goalie set will save you hundreds of dollars, and allow you to invest in other essential equipment later—or even take some goalie lessons!

  • You’re in the trial and error phase:  Learning the position and finding the perfect pad for your body type and playing style takes time. Used pads offer a chance to experiment with different brands and models at a lower cost. 

  • Proper fit is important: The used market offers a wider variety of sizes and models than what might be readily available new. This increases your chances of finding an affordable used set that perfectly matches your height and leg length.

  • Focus on function: Used pads shift the focus from brand-new aesthetics to the features themselves. If you search for aspects that are crucial for beginners (like a single or double break design, proper stiffness for basic sealing, and a comfortable fit) you won't get hung up on the latest model year or flashy colors.

With these reminders fresh in your mind, let’s look at our three favorite beginner goalie sets:

Warrior Ritual G6 E+ Hockey Goalie Set


The Warrior Ritual G6 E+ goalie set strikes a perfect balance between affordability and performance, making it a great choice for beginners. The leg pads feature a double break design that mimics a closed butterfly stance, helping beginners develop proper pad positioning and achieve a good five-hole seal even as they refine their technique. The G6 E+ offers balanced stiffness; it's not overly rigid and allows for easier movement and pad closure during drills and games. This balance ensures beginners can move comfortably while still having the structure needed to control rebounds.  

Expert review: “The Warrior G6 line offers gloves that are broken in, which is perfect for beginners. It also has simple strapping so parents who are helping their kids put on the gear every day really like this feature. Another thing I love about the G6 E+ is that you can order some eye-popping colors like neon green, the younger kids love this option.” 

Full G6 E+ hockey goalie sets starting at just $550!

Vaughn V9 Hockey Goalie Set


The Vaughn Velocity V9 goalie set prioritizes flexibility over extreme stiffness. This allows beginner goalies who are still developing their butterfly technique to move freely and achieve deeper knee bends for better positioning. The V9 offers a good seal with a strategically designed pad profile. While some high-end pads rely on stiffness for sealing, the V9 achieves this through a combination of design features and a slightly softer core. This can be beneficial for beginners who might struggle with maintaining a completely locked shut five-hole with stiffer pads.

Expert review: “The Vaughn Velocity was the very first butterfly pad and can really help beginners feel comfortable dropping into position. Its a budget-friendly option but still has a ton of cool built-in features, and the junior pad is very robust for the price. Also, the glove is broken in, so kids who are six or seven years old can easily pick up a glove and close it 100 times without having any muscle built up yet.” 

Full V9 hockey goalie sets starting at just $600!

Bauer Vapor 2X Pro Hockey Goalie Set


While the Bauer Vapor 2X Pro is a top-of-the-line goalie set, it can still be a good option for beginners. Its pre-curved leg channel offers a more forgiving base for developing the butterfly technique. This can be helpful for beginners who are still getting comfortable in the position. Additionally, the pads offer a balance of flexibility and stiffness. This allows for easier movement while still providing enough structure for basic sealing. Considering the investment (although a used set will cost significantly less), the 2X Pro is best suited for beginner goalies who are committed and are willing to spend more upfront for a pad that can grow with their skills.  

Expert review: “Especially for beginner goalies who might want a softer pad, the Vapor line is a bit more forgiving and not super technique-oriented. The Vapor 2X Pro has a good slide and seal, so it helps with a good butterfly. Also, a beginner should have gloves that are easy to use right out of the box, and the Bauer Vapor pads, from Pro all the way down to their junior line, offer a great broken-in glove.”

Full 2X Pro hockey goalie sets starting at just $350!

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