Our Favorite Hockey Goalie Sets for 2024

Choosing the perfect goalie set can be daunting, especially with the vast array of options and styles on the market. So, with the help of hockey expert, Chris Dudo, aka Goalie Gear Snob, we put together our list of our favorite hockey goalie sets for 2024.

For hockey goalies, especially on a budget, buying used pads is a smart move. Not only can you save a significant amount of money compared to high-end new models, but buying used pads allows for less risky experimentation. You can try different brands and styles for less, helping you find the perfect fit for your body type and playing style. Plus, the used market offers a wider variety of sizes, increasing the odds of finding a set that perfectly matches your height and leg length. Just remember to inspect the condition carefully and prioritize proper fit for maximum performance on the ice.

Below, we'll detail our favorite goalie sets for 2024, catering to different playing styles and budgets.

Brian's Optik 3 Hockey Goalie Set


The Brian's Optik 3 has an aggressive pre-curved design that’s great for a narrow butterfly stance. The "S" shaped leg channel allows the pads to close naturally and effectively, and the set’s stiff construction excels at sealing the five-hole. The extra stiffness also helps ensure that rebounds stay controlled, and you won’t need an overly wide knee spread to achieve a good seal—a benefit for goalies of all body types. While stiffness can sometimes hinder mobility, Brian's employs a strategically placed strapping system that anchors the pad securely without sacrificing flexibility. This allows for quick drops and recoveries from the butterfly position.

Expert review: “Brian's has a very good resale value. It’s been made in North America for almost 30 years now. And they do a really good job of making gear that could be for junior-level kids. They'll make pro stuff in miniature sizes, and pro stuff in really big sizes. They have extremely good craftsmanship and are known for cool custom graphics.”

Full Optik 3 hockey goalie sets starting at $1,000!

CCM Axis 2 Pro Hockey Goalie Set


A focus on weight reduction for improved agility makes the Axis 2 Pro a popular choice for goalies who have a mobile and reactive style of play. The Axis 2 features a new knee landing area with a deeper curve compared to previous models. This pre-shaped design is great for a narrow butterfly stance, allowing for a more natural pad closure and a tighter seal at the five-hole. This translates to better puck control with less reliance on an overly wide knee spread. The core construction offers a good seal to control rebounds, while strategically placed flex points ensure unrestricted movement for quick drops, pushes, and recoveries from the butterfly position. 

Expert review: “The Axis 2 pads are known for having a solid inside edge which creates a good seal. It helps in sliding and it has a very flat face as well. CCM redesigned the glove and blocker so they are a lot lighter on the hand. The glove has been redesigned from previous models, instead of having individual finger stalls, CCM made this glove basically an oven mitt where you put your entire hand into the glove, and then you put these ratchet straps across your hand.”

Full Axis 2 Pro hockey goalie sets starting at $92!

True Catalyst PX3 Hockey Goalie Set


The Catalyst PX3 caters to goalies who favor an active and mobile butterfly stance. It has a unique "Single Break Core" with a strategically placed flex point. This allows for a deep butterfly without sacrificing power when pushing off the ice. Despite its emphasis on flexibility, the PX3 maintains excellent sealing capabilities. The core design combined with a strategically placed boot strap secures a good seal at the five-hole, crucial for stopping low shots. Additionally, the thigh rise is customizable, allowing goalies to find the perfect coverage for their body type. True prioritized weight reduction with this set and the lightweight build is particularly appreciated by goalies who value agility and a more dynamic playing style.

Expert review: “True pads are super popular among professional goalies (~55% of NHL goalies are wearing True gear) and with the lower-level players because True incorporates many cool Pro features into their lower-level pads. The main selling point with True is that they’re made in one factory in Montreal. So for players who like the idea of having their gear made right next to professional players like Jordan Binnington’s of the St. Louis Blues, the Trues are super attractive.” 

Full Catalyst PX3 hockey goalie sets starting at $1,899!

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