7 Best BBCOR Baseball Bats for 2024

Choosing the right BBCOR baseball bat is a crucial detail for optimizing your high school or collegiate performance as a hitter. 

BBCOR construction is meant to reduce pop and swing more like a traditionally weighted bat—as a way to prepare elite young players for the most competitive levels of the game. By decreasing the trampoline effect and simulating the balance of a wooden bat, BBCOR bats are intended to encourage an even playing field between hitters, pitchers, and fielders.

With the help of Tony, aka BatExperts, we've scoured the BBCOR market to give you the baseball bats that are ready to define performance at the plate this season. Whatever your budget is for a BBCOR-certified baseball bat this season, the models below are the ones worth owning. It's time to trade in your old lumber for one of the best BBCOR baseball bats of 2024. 

Louisville Slugger Atlas


The Louisville Slugger Atlas is an alloy one-piece design that offers an extremely balanced and lightweight feel in the hands. It’s best for contact hitters who plan on controlling the strike zone with aggressive cuts. But don’t be fooled by its speed—this bat also packs pop. The exceptional balance and barrel control will help elite highschool and college players direct more balls to the sweet spot. This bat is also the perfect balance of quality and affordability. 

Expert review: "The Louisville Slugger Atlas is the next bat in the same generation as the Louisville Slugger Solo. It's a one-piece design, very easy to swing. Flashy paint job. Power hitters and contact-oriented players can both benefit from its versatility. It’s one of the top bats in the alloy market."

Atlas' starting at $229!

DeMarini Voodoo One


The DeMarini Voodoo One is designed for balanced swing weight and a classic feel. It serves as DeMarini’s premier bat for players seeking one-piece alloy construction. The Voodoo One is an excellent complement to DeMarini's two-piece alloy construction in the broader Voodoo Series. It’s a well-balanced bat for maximizing swing speed and bat control. The one-piece construction offers the explosive power of a bat that’s stiff on contact, and its barrel is bookended with a reinforced knob and cap.

Expert review: "It swings light and offers a ton of pop. While the small barrel might not be for everyone, contact hitters and power swingers both appreciate its speed and distance potential. If you're a BBCOR player seeking a light bat with serious pop, the Voodoo One deserves a swing." 

Voodoo Ones starting at $60!

Louisville Slugger Meta Prime


In our humble opinion, the 2019 Louisville Slugger Meta Prime remains one of the best metal bats ever made. In the years since, this model has continued to turn heads, built on a three-piece, fully composite design that’s perhaps best known for its balance and lightweight feel. It provides exit speeds, durability, power, and overall quality that are simply hard to beat. Your only struggle with this bat will be finding another hitter with something negative to say about it.

Expert review: "Beyond being the most expensive bat on the market, the Louisville Slugger Meta Prime is known for its large barrel, light swing weight, and huge hitting power. It's a composite and has a trampoline effect on the ball, resulting in increased exit velocity." 

Meta Primes starting at $119!

Marucci CAT X


The Marucci CAT X is a single-piece alloy bat that features a huge barrel and powerful out-of-the-wrapper performance. The balance point has been moved 1” closer to the player's hands for faster swings and the bat features a liquid-gel dampening knob to reduce and absorb vibrations during contact. Marucci’s relationship with some of the game's top players ensures their bats are crafted with a keen understanding of what athletes truly need at the plate.

Expert review: "This alloy one-piece is a very strong performer. Marucci took the alloy and strength from the CAT9 and applied the balance and feel from the CAT8 to develop the CAT X. The barrel profile delivers a huge and consistent sweet spot, perfect for a contact or power hitter." 

CAT Xs starting at $75!

DeMarini The Goods


Despite its price (the most for any hybrid), DeMarini has produced a gem with The Goods BBCOR model. The 2024 bat has an improved connection piece and a new knob. It’s “Half + Half” construction merges a powerful alloy barrel with a composite handle, so The Goods provides a unique blend of weight distribution and power. The bat caters to power hitters looking for significant end-loaded swing weight and maximum energy transfer. This bat is dedicated to generating pop and features a unique X14 Alloy Barrel for maximum stiffness with a massive sweet spot. 

Expert Review: "The Goods is a top performer and the 2024 model is the most expensive hybrid bat on the market. It's an end loaded bat for that power hitter in your lineup. The alloy is strong, and it has a good whip to it. Overall, The Goods is in the top five in the hybrids for both BBCOR and youth."

The Goods starting at $100!

Rawlings Quatro Pro


The Rawlings Quatro Pro delivers a balanced combination of power and speed to enhance each swing. The Quatro Pro's standout feature is the unique four-piece composite construction designed to deliver an optimal sweet spot, maximum pop, and reduced vibration. Rawlings has been an iconic name in baseball equipment since 1887, and the Quatro Pro series is the most technologically advanced bat the brand has ever designed. Every detail of the Quatro Pro is the result of number-crunching and meticulous engineering, intended to elevate every aspect of a player's swing. This bat is perfect for hitters looking for maximum bat speed.

Expert review: "The first BBCOR model of the Quatro Pro was launched in 2019. Even today, it's one of the hottest bats out there. If you can find one, the Quatro Pro is a great performer; it's lightweight, easy to swing, and has a ton of pop."

Quatro Pros starting at $50!

Warstic Bonesaber


The Warstic Bonesaber is a single-piece aluminum bat with a tapered handle. It has a light swing and great exit speeds. This bat is modeled after the 271 wood bat profile that does it all: power, gap, and contact hitting—but we feel it’s the perfect bat for powerful hitters who want a stiff, wood-like feel in the handle. The Bonesaber also has an eye-catching style that can’t be confused with any other bat in the dugout.

Expert review: "The Warstic Bonesaber is a single-piece aluminum bat known for its unique flared knob. It resembles some of the wood bats that the pro ball players use. Which is why I think some players go for it. It's stiff and a little on the heavy side." 

Bonesabers starting at $138!

Marucci CAT X Composite


The BBCOR edition of the Marucci CAT X Composite offers a balanced design that generates faster swing speeds while maintaining a huge composite barrel—perfect for players who see a lot of pitches. The two-piece composite construction features a longer barrel with a wider sweet spot as well as an excellent connection piece. If you’re interested in higher-end two-piece composites, then this is the bat for you.

Expert review: "The CAT X Composite is very easy to swing. It has a balanced feel and a huge barrel. This bat is perfect for players who travel and see high-pitch speeds. The sting-dampening gel in the knob makes this bat stand out among the competition."

CAT X Composites starting at $180!

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