The Hottest Wood Baseball Bats for 2024

Wood bats aren’t exclusively about maintaining baseball tradition. Certainly, there's no substitute for the historic feel of a wood bat, but there are also some distinct technical advantages for every serious modern hitter to consider.

Technique: The feedback you’ll get from a wood bat is unmatched. Wood bats have a smaller sweet spot than metal ones, so you have to focus on making solid contact to hit the ball well. This contributes to better hitting mechanics and bat control overall. It starts with truly feeling the difference between a solid hit and a mishit and can help you refine your swing or adjust for mistakes.

Rewarding power hitters: When you connect with the sweet spot on a wood bat, the ball jumps off it. While metal bats offer a larger sweet spot for more consistent contact, a well-struck wood bat can produce a harder-hit ball.

The "Crack" Factor: For baseball players and fans—or even people who got unwillingly dragged to the ballpark—the sound of a perfectly struck ball with a wooden bat is a thing of beauty. It encompasses the game in a suspended instant of breathlessness and anticipation. And you can’t reproduce it with a metal bat. 

Wood bats are a great choice for players who are serious about improving their hitting skills and appreciate the traditional feel of the game. And if a player wants to play at the highest level, there’s no way around picking up this true tool of the trade.

Below are our favorite wood bats on deck for the 2024 season.

Rawlings Big Stick Elite 110


The Big Stick Elite 110 is a durable composite wood bat built from a combination of high-quality maple and bamboo. It’s a fast-swinging, well-balanced wood bat and a consistent performer by all metrics. The -3 drop weight and the 110-barrel profile combine a longer, narrower taper and a cupped end barrel to create a sleek and understated design. All Big Stick Elite bats pass the MLB’s Ink Dot Test to ensure that only high-quality, straight-grain wood is used in the bat’s construction. This helps ensure uniform strength, durability, and performance across every Big Stick Elite Rawlings produces.

Victus V-Cuts


The Victus V-Cut is a maple boomstick that isn’t being swung in the Big Leagues because of cosmetic blemishes or some other tiny inadequacies. These bats are available in a range of sizes and finishes—and whatever idiosyncrasy kept it out of a pro’s hands will be imperceptible to a non-professional hitter. It’s a line of wood bats that offers a high value for the price tag and is in high demand with serious ballplayers as a result. No technical nonsense, no problem.

Marucci AP5


This is a tool fit for future Hall-of-Famer Albert Puljos or any player who wants to feel the inspiration of making hard contact with a weighted wood bat. It’s an end-loaded maple bat built for power hitters that also delivers comfort and a stylish profile. It’s a popular choice in Marucci’s lineup thanks to its steadfast performance (not just its iconic namesake).

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