5 Best Rawlings BBCOR Baseball Bats for 2024

Rawlings is one of the oldest and most respected brands in baseball. Founded in 1887, Rawlings is famous for their well made gloves, but they also make bats for every age group, swing style, and skill level. Furthermore, they offer a wide price range for their bats and seem to invest themselves more in quality materials rather than flashy designs.

Where it matters most, Rawlings bats take advantage of the latest innovations in aerospace-grade alloys, composite construction, and major-league product testing. Since developing its signature "POP" technology, the brand has been focused on building bats with large sweet spots and long-lasting performance.

While their aesthetics might seem plain by comparison with other brands, Rawlings makes great baseball bats that come out of the wrapper “hot”—and their BBCOR offerings are no exception. For a combination of performance, durability, and tradition, look no further than Rawlings.

Below are our favorite Rawlings BBCOR bats for the 2024 season.

Rawlings Quatro Pro BBCOR Baseball Bat


The Rawlings Quatro Pro BBCOR baseball bat is a popular choice for high school and college players seeking a balanced swing and power potential. It features a two-piece composite design with a suspended inner barrel for a larger sweet spot and a more balanced feel. Combined with the stiff handle, the Quatro Pro BBCOR aims to generate bat speed and transfer more energy to the ball upon contact, resulting in harder-hit balls. Additionally, the unique composite layering throughout the barrel is designed to maximize the bat’s "trampoline effect" for increased pop. While some users find the 2022 model to have a less durable collar connection, we find the Quatro Pro's combination of features make it a hot bat for players growing their power at the plate.

Rawlings ICON BBCOR Baseball Bat


The Rawlings ICON BBCOR baseball bat is a two-piece composite bat known for its large sweet spot and potential for generating power. It features Rawlings In/Tense carbon composite construction, which maximizes barrel size while maintaining stiffness for a powerful swing. Its larger barrel is designed to provide forgiveness on off-center hits, while the stiff handle allows for faster bat speed and increased exit velocity. Additionally, the Zero-Loss collar and connection joint aim to eliminate vibration and drag, creating a smoother swing and transferring more energy to the ball. 

Rawlings 5150 BBCOR Baseball Bat


The Rawlings 5150 BBCOR baseball bat might be the brand’s best choice when swinging for the fences. This one-piece, aerospace-grade alloy bat takes advantage of Rawlings’ 3D variable wall technology. Combined with an end-loaded swing weight, the bat’s variable wall design aims to maximize power and help balls jump off the sweet spot. The bat is known for its durability and stiff feel, which some users may find less forgiving on off-center hits. However, young hitters who can handle the weight and swing mechanics of the 5150 BBCOR will generate explosive power on contact.

Rawlings Velo BBCOR Baseball Bat


The Rawlings Velo BBCOR baseball bat is a popular choice for hitters seeking a lightweight swing and "hot" performance out of the wrapper. It features a single-piece alloy construction with a Precision Laser POP 2.0 barrel. This technology aims to optimize barrel performance and flex on contact, resulting in a larger sweet spot and increased ball exit velocity. Additionally, the Velo boasts a Comp-Lite end cap designed to reduce swing weight, allowing for faster bat speed. Some users report feeling more hand sting on mishits compared to multi-piece bats, but the Velo's combination of lightweight design, large sweet spot, and focus on bat speed make it a sweet option for players who can handle a stiff bat.

Rawlings TRIO BBCOR Baseball Bat


The Rawlings TRIO BBCOR baseball bat is now a discontinued model, but its legacy lives on among players. Its three-piece design features a composite handle, alloy barrel, and composite end cap, delivering a lightweight swing and large sweet spot for more consistently hard-hit balls. Additionally, the Comp Lite end cap helps reduce vibration and potentially transfer more energy back to the ball for increased pop. Some users may want a more balanced swing weight when compared with the TRIO’s end-loaded feel, but the bat’s well-rounded combination of features make it an overlooked gem. It’s a particularly good choice for BBCOR players who want a lightweight swing with a large sweet spot—at a great price.

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