How to Ship Golf Clubs

SidelineSwap is a great place to buy and sell golf clubs, both new and used. If you're looking to sell your clubs, we've got a few tips to help you ship them safely.

Materials You'll Need


Our Seller Assist team ships golf clubs out on a regular basis, and they recommend using free USPS tube boxes. For iron sets, place half of the clubs in the box with the head down and the other half inverted with the shaft down. We recommend filling the ends of the box with crumpled newspaper or to ensure the clubs are not touching the end of the box.

Single putters, wedges and shorter irons usually fit in box 38” x 6” x 5” (USPS medium tube box). For Single drivers, woods or long putters, tape 2 boxes together. Be sure to cut the box down so the club will not shift around.


You can also purchase a 50" golf club tube from FedEx for $7.50 (box only), $16.49 (with packing), and $23.99 (for fragile packaging). 

Don’t forget to use your bubble wrap/newspaper to fill the space in the box to prevent the club from moving in the package. Items without bubble wrap/paper have a higher chance of shifting in the package and piercing the box. This can lead to your item falling out and being lost in transit.

For Canadian sellers, we recommend checking out the ULINE 38”-48" Long corrugated boxes.