Best Youth Baseball Gloves of 2024

When helping your youngster choose the right baseball glove, focus on the most comfortable size, material, and fit for their hand. It should fit “like a glove”—that is, snug but not constricting.

A properly sized glove will allow your child to open, close, and manipulate it easily. While leather is the preferred material for adult baseball gloves, synthetic materials are an excellent option for youth players, as these materials are lighter and (unlike leather) require no break-in period. Look for features like adjustable wrist straps or padding to help create a secure and comfortable fit, along with a simple web design, like an open-back or H-web (an open web design allows for a larger catching area and less obstruction when tracking and transferring the ball from the glove to the throwing hand). Reinforced stitching adds durability, but your youngster is likely to outgrow a quality glove or mitt before they push it to the breaking point.

Cost is the final factor to consider. Buying secondhand is a great way to get a quality youth baseball glove that’s already broken in—and to save money for the many seasons of baseball that may be in your child’s future. With help from our resident expert, Dylan Johnson, here are our favorite youth baseball gloves of 2024.

Mizuno Prospect Series PowerClose Baseball Glove


The Mizuno PowerClose is an affordable option that features a full-grain pigskin leather construction. This glove offers a balance of durability and comfort that’s perfect for helping young players enjoy the game. The key feature is Mizuno's PowerClose technology, designed to incorporate a wider hinge and strategically placed closure points to assist young athletes in snapping the glove closed. This helps foster confidence and reduces frustration as young players develop their fielding skills. Mizuno equips each PowerClose glove with a ButterSoft palm for reduced sting, MZO lining to wick away moisture, and an AirMesh back for breathability. It’s a great glove that will keep a young player's hand cool and comfortable through hot summer afternoons on the field.

PowerClose gloves starting at just $12!

Rawlings Select Pro Lite Baseball Glove


The Rawlings Select Pro Lite baseball glove is designed specifically for youth players and prioritizes comfort alongside performance. Its soft, lightweight leather shell has a comfortable fit and allows for easy break-in, ensuring young players can quickly wield this glove with confidence. Each glove is crafted with a cushioned finger back lining for a secure and comfortable feel, and all-leather lacing ensures a well-formed pocket for reliable ball control. Modeled after the gameday patterns of major league stars (the Mike Trout model is featured above), the Rawlings Select Pro Lite lets young players experience the thrill of fielding like their favorite big leaguers.

Select Pro Lite gloves starting at just $40!

Rawlings Encore Baseball Glove


Designed with young ballplayers in mind, the Rawlings Encore Baseball glove is all about comfort and ease of use. This glove is constructed with a durable yet soft all-leather shell that breaks in easily for a personalized fit. Its patented web design, combined with a deep pocket, allows young players to catch the ball securely while also protecting their hands from hard throws or line drives. The Rawlings Encore series includes various mitt sizes and web styles to perfectly match a growing athlete's hand size and desired position on the field.

Encore gloves starting at just $60!

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