Best First Baseman Mitts of 2024

A first baseman mitt is designed to provide a big, trustworthy target for teammates, with a little extra scoop for handling errant throws, grounders, and line drives. The pocket should have additional depth to cradle the ball securely, as well as an open-style webbing (like a single or double post design) to allow you to dig throws out of the dirt without scooping up a load of chalky infield with the ball. These considerations make the first baseman’s mitt unique among infielders, but the overall fit should be similar to any other glove: secure on your hand without cramping your fingers, with sufficient flexibility in your wrist.

Buying secondhand is a great way to save money and get a quality leather mitt that’s broken in and ready for the infield. With help from our resident expert, Dylan Johnson, here are our favorite first baseman’s mitts of 2024.

Rawlings Player Preferred First Baseman Mitt


The Rawlings Player Preferred first baseman’s mitt bridges the gap between affordability and pro-level quality, making it a modern favorite in Rawlings’ long history of baseball gloves. The Player Preferred mitt is constructed from high-quality full-grain leather and breaks in perfectly over time, forming a customized fit with exceptional control. The Player Preferred series is not known for flashy bells and whistles; its simple beauty comes from quality materials and construction, and the deep baseball knowledge of one of the game’s oldest and most trusted brands.

Player Preferred gloves and mitts starting at just $20!

Wilson A2K José Abreu First Baseman Mitt


The Wilson A2K series is the pinnacle of Wilson’s glove manufacturing, featuring Pro Stock Select leather (the top 5% selections from the company’s leather hides) meticulously chosen for its flawless quality and exceptional feel. This makes a mitt that’s durable enough to handle long seasons of repetition at first base, and comfortable enough to break in like an extension of your hand. With a commitment to meticulous craftsmanship and a design centered around Cuban first baseman, José Abreu, the Wilson A2K is the perfect choice for serious first basemen seeking comfort, style, and soft leather. 

A2K José Abreu first baseman mitts starting at just $255!

Wilson A2000 First Baseman Mitt


Ever since its debut in 1957, the A2000 has set Wilson's standard for craftsmanship and design. Made from Pro Stock leather, the A2000 mitt is built to last while providing a comfortable feel that improves with use. Its single break point design is engineered to mimic the performance of an infield glove, making it ideal for handling ground balls and pop-ups. The glove features a single post web and deep pocket that allows first basemen to scoop up low throws in the dirt or snag hard-hit line drives down the first base line. Whether you're a professional or just starting out, the A2000 is a great choice for anyone looking for a reliable, high-performance glove.

A2000 first baseman mitts starting at just $165!

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