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Wilson A2K M1D 33.5
Retail price: $400
Wilson a2k D33
Retail price: $460
2009 H2r Limited Edition A2k
Retail price: $400
Wilson A2k Infield Glove
Retail price: $350

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Expert Notes

To me, Wilson A2K baseball gloves have always represented tradition, luxury, and world-class performance. The most recent 2023 A2K models are offering a brand new SuperSkin material along with Wilson’s patented Spin Control technology, which is a dimple pattern in the glove’s leather sections that I think looks really neat, which also reduces the ball’s spin rate upon contact. Though I know many fielders who favor the classic, Pro Stock leather gloves that made A2K’s highly sought after from 2015-2020. Ever since their initial release in 2007, A2K gloves have been handcrafted by the world’s best glovemakers, who cater to the desires of professional baseball players that I’d imagine know a thing or two about gloves. If you’re looking for a glove your peers will adore for its look and on-field performance, look no further than a Wilson A2K glove.