What Stick Does Nathan MacKinnon Use?

He may notoriously love the CCM Trigger Pro, but Nathan MacKinnon likes to experiment. He’s been testing different sticks this season and has been using the Bauer Nexus Sync for the majority of this year. MacKinnon was also spotted with the Bauer Proto. He’s been going with an 87 flex from Bauer and using the classic P92 curve.

Keep in mind: Many professional players don't change sticks every year. Brands like CCM are always trying to sell and market their newest stick, so often, they will wrap the pros' old stick as the current model. This can make it hard to identify precisely what stick a pro uses and when. 

Sticks featuring MacKinnon's preferred pattern p92 on Sideline Swap

Sticks featuring MacKinnon's preferred pattern on SidelineSwap, from left to right: 

Bauer Nexus Sync, 77 flex, p92 curve, regular grip $118
Pro Stock Nathan MacKinnon 85 Flex P92 Unreleased Bauer Nexus DK $329
New Blacked Out Nathan MacKinnon Bauer Nexus Sync 87 Flex $251

This season, MacKinnon put together a 35-game home point streak (77 points; 29 goals, 48 assists), the second-longest in NHL history behind Wayne Gretzky's 40 with the Los Angeles Kings in 1988-89. He finished second in the NHL with 140 points (51 goals, 89 assists) in 82 games and was nominated a Hart Trophy finalist for the fourth time. (Source

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Bauer Nexus Sync Hockey Stick

Bauer Nexus Sync Hockey Stick

The Bauer Nexus Sync succeeds the Nexus Geo as the top-of-the-line offering in Bauer's Nexus line.The Nexus Sync represents a significant leap in weight reduction for the Nexus line. Bauer achieves this by incorporating their all-new ACL 2.0 technology, featuring thinner and strategically stacked layers of premium carbon fiber within the shaft. This sheds weight while maintaining durability. The Nexus Sync also inherits the ER Spine technology, a unique five-sided shaft design that removes unnecessary weight and creates a channeled "spine" for energy transfer during shots. Additionally, a responsive rubber layer throughout the stick enhances feel for better control in puck handling and passing. 

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