Top 5 Youth Hockey Skates for 2024

If you're preparing your child to play hockey, there's a long list of items that can ensure their comfort on the ice. There's an equally long list of gear you can purchase secondhand to help make the game easier on your child and your bank account.

The best place to start is with used skates. Not only are secondhand skates affordable, but they will be broken in already, and just like brand-new skates, they're likely not to fit by the following season.

If your kid loves hockey, they'll have plenty of time to figure out what they like and don't like, and you'll have plenty of time to browse new, expensive gear. But at the beginning of their hockey journey, it's worth exploring affordable, lightly used essentials for their kit.

Let's address the fundamentals of youth hockey skates before we get started.

  • Youth hockey skates should never hurt the foot or ankle.
  • Stiffer skates offer more protection, but there’s a tradeoff on break-in time. Ultra-stiff skates can take a very long time for youth players to break in, leading to foot discomfort.
  • Hockey skates should have comfortable padding, foam, and insoles regardless of stiffness.
  • The lightest hockey skates offer greater mobility on-ice—but at the expense of protection and ankle support.
  • Don’t underestimate the importance of socks. All the major skate brands, such as Bauer, CCM, and Warrior, offer sock choices.
  • Hockey skates should be sharpened for every 20-30 hours of time on the ice. Blade guards, covers, and soakers can keep skates in good condition.
  • Goalies need more protection than other players, which they can get from skates like the Bauer Vapor X2.7.

With all this in mind, below are the top five youth skates for the 2024 season.

CCM Tacks 9040 Youth Hockey Skates


The CCM Tacks 9040 skates are designed for young players just starting out, prioritizing affordability and a comfortable introduction to the sport. The Tacks 9040 features an injected mesh shell that balances structure and flexibility, allowing for easy foot movement and control as young players acclimate to balancing and striding on the ice. The skate has a felt tongue and a basic liner, promoting a comfortable fit. The 9040 has a forgiving flex and a basic level of support at an affordable price. This makes them ideal for building confidence and foundational skating skills without a large investment. As young players develop their skills, they can progress to a stiffer boot for more advanced performance in the future.

CCM JetSpeed FT2 Youth Hockey Skates


CCM JetSpeed FT2 youth skates are a great choice for young players who are progressing beyond the beginner stage and want a skate that can help them develop their skating skills. The FT2 bridges the gap between basic comfort and performance features without sacrificing the ease of use that young athletes need. The FT2 has a synthetic composite boot material that provides a balance of stiffness for energy transfer in strides and flexibility for easier learning. This allows young players to focus on developing proper form without feeling overwhelmed by a super stiff boot. 

Bauer NS Youth Hockey Skates


Bauer NS youth skates are a great choice for parents looking for a value-oriented option to get their kids started in hockey. The comfortable design prioritizes fun and learning over high-performance features, making them ideal for building confidence and basic skating skills. They’re affordable, which makes them a low-risk investment for parents and a great way to introduce young players to the joys of skating and hockey. The NS features a one-piece injected composite boot that offers a balance of flexibility and support. This allows for easy foot movement and control as young players are just getting accustomed to balancing and striding on the ice. The fit is further enhanced by features like a plush liner and traditional lacing system, making them easy to put on and take off independently.

Bauer X-LP Youth Hockey Skates


The Bauer X-LP skates are designed for comfort and help young players build confidence and basic skating skills without feeling overwhelmed by a complex or overly stiff boot. The X-LP features a volume fit system that accommodates a wider range of foot shapes, ensuring a comfortable fit for growing feet. The boot itself is constructed with a focus on flexibility, allowing for easier strides and better control as young players learn the fundamentals of skating. The skate features a traditional lacing system and a plush microfiber liner, making it easy for young athletes to put on and take off.

Bauer Supreme M4 Youth Hockey Skates


With a balanced approach to performance and comfort, the M4 is a composite boot that provides a mix of stiffness for improved power transfer in strides and some flexibility for easier learning. This allows young skaters to develop proper technique while still feeling comfortable on the ice. Bauer incorporates features like a thermoformable liner for a more customized fit and a supportive ankle design to help young players gain confidence and control as they explore more powerful strides. The M4 youth skates offer a taste of the performance features found in adult models without sacrificing the ease of use that young athletes need. The supportive fit and focus on proper mechanics make the Bauer Supreme M4 a good option for competitive young players determined to grow.

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