Top 5 Recreational Hockey Skates for 2024

If you're looking for a pair of skates for pond hockey or want something for ice skating with your family, buying an affordable pair of secondhand skates is a recreational player's best option.

If you're relatively new to wearing hockey skates, remember they should be snug but not tight. You should be able to wiggle your toes slightly for proper circulation, and your overall focus should be on comfort. A moderate amount of stiffness will provide ankle support to help prevent injuries as you learn to balance and maneuver, allowing for a more natural stride when gaining momentum and improving your technique.

Look for features like memory foam ankle padding or a snug-fitting liner. Also, a traditional lacing system will allow for easy tightening and adjusting your skates for optimal comfort.

Below are our favorite recreational hockey skates for 2024.

True Catalyst 5 Hockey Skates


The Catalyst 5 hockey skate represents a turning point for True Hockey, making high-end features more accessible to recreational players. The Catalyst 5 features a one-piece fiberglass boot and offers a close, comfortable fit that feels like an extension of your foot. The Catalyst 5 differs from True's top-of-the-line model but bridges the gap between their elite offerings and entry-level options. This focus on affordability with high-performance features makes it ideal for recreational players. The shell's moderate stiffness balances responsiveness and comfort, allowing you to develop your skating technique and power without feeling overwhelmed by a super stiff boot.

CCM Jetspeed FT670 Hockey Skates


The FT670 hockey skate is a solid choice for recreational players looking for a balance of affordability and performance within the CCM Jetspeed line. A key selling point for recreational skaters is the one-piece boot construction. This design snugly fits around your foot for a comfortable and secure feel, which is essential for recreational players who might not be skating as frequently and may value stability over a super stiff boot. The skate features a softer flex profile compared to higher-end models, which makes the skate more forgiving and more accessible to learn to skate in. While not the top-of-the-line skate, the FT670 is an excellent choice for recreational hockey players.

CCM Tacks 2052 Hockey Skates


The Tacks 2052 hockey skate occupies the entry-level position within CCM's longstanding Tacks line, famous for its focus on power skating. The Tacks 2052 offers features that benefit recreational players, like an emphasis on comfort and a moderately stiff boot, allowing for easier flexing and maneuvering on the ice. The 2052 also falls within a budget-friendly price range, making them an excellent value for the casual player who might not need all the high-performance features. 

Bauer X-LP Hockey Skates


The Bauer X-LP hockey skate is a solid entry point into the Bauer lineup. Built for recereational players, the X-LP skates prioritize comfort and ease of use. This focus on comfort is a significant selling point for recreational players. The boot features a plush ankle foam lining and a traditional lacing system, creating a secure yet forgiving fit. Additionally, the X-LP comes with a 13-foot radius rocker on the bottom blade. This rocker profile allows for a more natural rocking motion as you push off with your strides, making it easier to learn proper skating techniques. 

Bauer Supreme S27


The Bauer Supreme S27 skate occupies a budget-friendly position within Bauer's longstanding Supreme line, known for catering to power skaters. The S27 is an all-purpose ice hockey skate that features the Tuuk Lightspeed Edge holder, the most popular edge holder in the NHL, thanks to Tuuk's quick-release trigger system. You can switch out the blade in seconds, and it represents a good value for recreational players looking for a comfortable and supportive skate that will last years. The S27 features a quarter package that balances structure and flexibility, supporting better power transfer with each stride. The S27 incorporates a hydrophobic microfiber liner and memory foam ankle pads, giving skaters a comfortable and dry fit. 

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