Top 5 Goalie Hockey Sticks for 2024

The right goalie stick can be the difference between a shutout and a shaky performance. 

Like every other player on the ice, your stick should become an extension of your body, used for sprawling saves, redirects, and puck control. The right size stick, material, flex, curve, and lie all contribute to how seamlessly a stick complements your movements and playing style.

Buying a used goalie stick is an opportunity to snag quality equipment at a fraction of the retail price—freeing up your budget for other goalie gear. Unlike the sticks of other positions on the ice (which take a beating every game), goalie sticks see considerably less punishment. A well-maintained secondhand goalie stick will still have years of play left in it and can offer the perfect blend of performance and affordability.

At SidelineSwap, you can find top-of-the-line sticks for a fraction of their retail price. With help from hockey expert Jon Leung, who spent 10 years working for large US hockey retailers before coming to SidelineSwap as a Trade-in Coordinator, we’ve put together a list of our five favorite goalie hockey sticks for 2024.

Bauer M5 Pro Goalie Stick


Designed for control and stability, the Bauer M5 Pro goalie stick features a unique Ergo-Paddle geometry combined with Carbon Glass for better puck control and deflection at the body. This creates a concave structure that enhances rebound control and allows goalies to hold the stick closer to their body. The Textreme blade construction provides a lightweight, balanced feel, while the AeroFoam blade core keeps the paddle lightweight and durable. Ideal for goalies seeking a balanced approach to controlling the crease. 

Bauer M5 Pro starting at just $85!

Bauer Vapor 3X Goalie Stick


For the agile goalie who prioritizes quick movement, the Bauer Vapor 3X goalie stick boasts a lightweight construction and a stiff flex profile for maximum power transfer. The 3X features a shorter shaft that allows for easy and seamless puck handling. While it doesn't have the same Ergo technology as the Supreme line, the paddle does feature a concave design to help control rebounds. The handle of the 3X is coated in a tacky-grip texture, which gives goalies excellent grip and control, even with wet gloves. 

Bauer Vapor 3x starting at just $23!

Warrior Ritual V1 Pro Goalie Stick


The Warrior Ritual V1 Pro goalie stick is built for unmatched rebound control. Strategically placed foams throughout the paddle absorb puck energy, resulting in rebounds that die down quickly. Warrior has continued using their popular Slide Grip technology, and the V1 Pro features a clear matte coating and vertically ribbed texture along the shaft of the stick. The handle has a strategically placed gloss grip and raised grid texture to provide grip where goalies need it most. All this is paired with a lightweight construction, while the stiff flex profile allows for powerful clears. This stick is perfect for goalies seeking puck control and a focus on stopping rebounds. 

Warrior Ritual V1 Pro starting at just $70!

Bauer Mach Goalie Stick


A top-of-the-line option, the Bauer Mach goalie stick utilizes a unidirectional carbon fiber weave, allowing the stick to be tough while also keeping it lightweight. The ErgoBridge spine and blade geometry enhance overall feel and control, and help with torsion control. This techn is extended across the Mach paddle to ensure the same performance over the blade, too. Bauer includs their premium Griptac which ensures a solid feel at the paddle and shaft while helping goalies have a strong hold on the stick. The Mach caters to goalies who want cutting-edge performance and tech in their stick—and have a slightly bigger budget to spend.

Bauer Mach starting at just $50!

True HZRDUS 7X Goalie Stick 


True takes a different approach with the HZRDUS 7X goalie stick. It features a softer paddle design with a stiff blade, allowing goalies to play the puck effectively while controlling rebounds off the paddle. The lightweight design (only 675 grams) enhances maneuverability, while the Vibration Suppression System uses a narrow, cylindrical piece inside the shaft to lessen vibrations upon impact. This stick is a great choice for playmaker goalies who prioritize a dampened feel and a focus on controlled rebounds.

True HZRDUZ 7X starting at just $125!

Want to browse more of this season's best hockey sticks? Check out the current selection on SidelineSwap! Still unsure which hockey stick is right for you?