Top 3 Youth Lacrosse Helmets for 2024

Lacrosse offers hard-working fun for young players—and along with this fast-paced energy comes the responsibility of keeping your youngster safe on the field. Choosing the right equipment is an essential part of keeping kids happy and excited while playing lacrosse, and you should start with a great helmet. 

A properly fitted lacrosse helmet should be comfortable enough for kids to stay fully focused on the game, open enough for them to follow the action at all times, and durable enough to provide exceptional impact protection when needed. A loose helmet will rotate on impact, increasing the risk of injuries—and a helmet that’s too tight will naturally lead to discomfort, distraction, and disappointment while on the field. 

The price of lacrosse equipment will add up quickly, especially for kids who are still growing and will need new gear every few seasons. Thankfully, lacrosse helmets are built to last. If you're on a budget or your child is just starting out, you can find great deals on gently used helmets.

Below, we’ll explore the essential features of a good youth lacrosse helmet and justify our three favorites for 2024 (based on factors like impact absorption, adjustability, ventilation, and weight). Let’s get started!

Cascade CS-R Youth Lacrosse Helmet


The Cascade CS-R Youth Lacrosse Helmet is engineered specifically to address the collisions that take place at the U12 level. Thanks to the Poron XRD foam liner and memory foam sidewalls, it has a comfortable, secure fit. The FutureStar Mono R Shell offers a one-piece shell and visor system, creating a rigid design to manage frontal impacts. The CS-R Youth is part of Cascade’s excellent legacy—a helmet designed specifically for the evolving needs of youth players, that ensures they receive top-notch protection and comfort.

CS-Rs starting at $50!

Cascade CPV-R Youth Lacrosse


The CPV-R delivers the most advanced impact protection ever found in a Cascade youth helmet. The Seven Technology Liner absorbs and distributes force upon impact, minimizing the risk of concussion. The CPV-R uses the SPRFIT adjustable ratchet system, which provides a customized fit that can grow with your young athlete and ensure maximum comfort. The Cascade CPV-R lacrosse helmet prioritizes both safety and performance, making it a perfect choice for young players who want a few years of rock-solid protection out of a single helmet.

CPV-Rs starting at $30!

Warrior Burn Jr Lacrosse Helmet


Designed specifically for players under 12, the Warrior Burn Jr features a one-piece shell and an energy-absorbing vinyl nitrate foam liner for exceptional impact protection. This combination helps cushion hits and keeps your child's head safe during energetic and competitive play. The Warrior Burn Jr also has a quick and easy Velcro pull-tab adjustment system that ensures a secure and comfortable fit for various head shapes. With a lightweight build and comfortable interior, this helmet won't weigh young players down.

Burns starting at $100!

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