The 4 Best Hockey Skates for Wide Feet

Hockey skates are an investment. They're also something people have a lot of trouble with – specifically those with wide feet. For anyone with wide feet, going shopping for hockey skates can be tough.

With so many brands and different skate models, there's a lot to take into consideration but when all is said and done, you want a skate that is comfortable and doesn't feel like it's squeezing the life out of your foot. With that said, we've researched the 4 best hockey skates for players with wide feet.

Important Note: Choosing a Specific Fit

Regardless of skate type, player with wide feet should consider going with extra wide (EE) sizing options. In many newer skates however, brands like CCM and Bauer have moved away from the standard N = narrow, EE = extra wide naming scheme and have adopted new 'fit' systems.

While a few years ago Nexus skates would be the sole go-to skate for extra-wide feet, going with Fit 3 on a Supreme skate (a line of skates known for a close, anatomical fit) will give a very similar feel to old Nexus skates (and won't squeeze the life out of your feet).

Fitting Bauer Skates

Bauer skates now use the Bauer Performance Fit System with three distinctive profile options which includes narrow, medium, and wide widths along with varying boot volumes.


Fitting CCM Skates

CCM also uses a three category fit system for their skates which includes tapered, regular, and wide fits along with different heel and forefoot dimensions.


The Bauer Supreme S29 Hockey Skate


If you have wide feet, you're not alone. A lot of hockey players face the same problem: they have wide feet and most hockey skates don’t fit them properly. It’s for this reason that Bauer has launched several wider models such as the Supreme S29. Developed using Bauer’s 3-D fiber composite+ technology, this model gives a unique fit and rugged durability.

Built for precise turns, acceleration, and speed, the Bauer Supreme S29 is especially popular with those used to playing in wide-width skates (very similar to older Bauer Nexus skates with a deep volume and classic fit). Bauer designed this skate with a footbed that conforms to the unique structure of your feet while also providing extra cushioning under the heel, metatarsal, and ball of your feet.

The Bauer Supreme 2S Hockey Skate


The Bauer Supreme 2S hockey skate is an excellent skate option for any player with wider than average feet. Featuring a 3-piece, 48-oz. felt tongue with an metatarsal insert liner for added comfort alongside an X-rib, 3-D lasted curv composite boot for better long-lasting durability, the Supreme 2S is professionally crafted to meet the needs of elite hockey players for which unmatched control and superb power are important must-haves in a skate.

The CCM AS3 Pro Hockey Skate


The CCM AS3 Pro hockey skate delivers maximum power and performance with a pro model designed to help players accommodate wider feet. Built with a one-piece carbon composite MonoFrame boot that wraps the skater's foot in comfort, the AS3 Pro provides maximum power and ankle support. The AS3 Pro also boasts an anatomical form-fitting support liner, including an anatomically contoured heel cradle and internal tongue wrap for improved ankle feel and comfort.

The Bauer Supreme 3S Pro Hockey Skate


The Bauer Supreme 3S Pro hockey skate is shaped to give a solid forward-fit that locks you in place while giving you maximum range of motion. The 3S Pro was made with the elite player in mind and features molded tongue inserts and a Reflex tendon guard for maximum range of motion. This pro-level foam padding, anatomically placed around the foot and ankle regions, allows for maximum comfort and responsiveness on the ice. All in all, the Bauer Supreme 3S Pro provides wicked agility and an NHL-caliber anatomical fit that won't crush wide feet.

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