Our All-Time Favorite Lacrosse Helmets

Lacrosse players are a passionate bunch. Young or old, lacrosse demands dedication if you want to hone your abilities, build endurance, and master the strategic flow of the game. Your helmet should be a loyal companion on the field, absorbing impact, keeping you comfortable, and boosting your confidence when physically competing for the ball. 

Below, we spotlight three of our all-time favorite lacrosse helmets, which have earned the respect, loyalty, and individual endorsement of players for years. Two of these legendary helmets won’t be available or easy to find new on the market, as they were made in seasons past. But as the makers, models, and materials have improved, new, slightly different evolutions of these helmets are widely available.

If you're on a budget or just starting out in lacrosse, buying a lightly-used helmet from this list is a great way to save some cash or try an iconic helmet at a fraction of the cost. With proper care (and a skull that’s no longer growing) lacrosse helmets will last for several seasons and provide a lot of value for what you spend.

These are our three favorite lacrosse helmets of all time!

Cascade R Lacrosse Helmet


Although not the newest model, the Cascade R holds a special place in our hearts. It was at one time the most used lacrosse helmet in the U.S. with (according to Cascade’s website) ​​approximately 95% of all active players over the age of 13 wearing an R. If you can find a used one, and in good shape, the R will not disappoint. A key selling point is the adjustable fit system, which ensures a secure and comfortable fit for a wide range of head sizes. It has a sleeker and more aerodynamic evolution of the "tail fin" featured on prior Cascade helmets. The R represents Cascade’s first real foray into style and customization, with a slick array of matte finishes and chromed-out cages. 

Rs starting at $20!

Cascade XRS Pro Lacrosse Helmet


The Cascade XRS Pro lacrosse helmet is the zenith of Cascade's helmet innovation. Designed to be the ultimate choice for competitive play, this helmet features what Cascade says is “the best facemask we've ever made”. It has a second VisionBar, angled to 32 degrees, which allows players to see the ball, not the mask. The XRS Pro features an all-encompassing fit system that wraps the helmet comfortably around the head rather than sitting on top, and the ergonomically refined rear panel enhances comfort, security, and extended occipital coverage. Cascade has always been a trendsetter in the lacrosse world, and the XRS Pro delivers both a futuristic shape and a dizzying set of customization options. 

XRS Pros starting at $200!

Cascade Pro-7 Lacrosse Helmet


Anyone playing fifteen years ago will remember this icon fondly. It rolled across the sport with stylish brute force, becoming a cornerstone in Cascade’s reputation for excellence. The Pro7 provides superior protection and visibility for players on both sides of the X, using Cascade's "Seven Technology" liner system to manage the impact forces associated with high-speed collisions and ground balls. It’s the OG one-piece helmet design with a sturdy mask and high-density foam for ultimate shock absorption. And yet in spite of this emphasis on protection, the Pro7 also achieves remarkable balance by being sleek, lightweight, and comfortable. In many ways, it was the final stake in the bucket design coffin. Long live the Pro7.

Pro7s starting at $20!

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