Get Paid for Your Gear: How Trade-in Events Work

Do you have a garage full of used sports equipment? Maybe a baseball bat or a pair of skates from last season that you’re no longer using? If you’re like most sports families we know, the answer is, “Yes!” 

SidelineSwap was created to make it easy for athletes and sports families to sell their gear online. And with our new Trade-in Events, it’s now even easier to cash in on gear you’re no longer using.  

This year, SidelineSwap will host more than 500 trade-in events at brick-and-mortar retailers and sports facilities around the country. These events are opportunities to sell last season’s gear, make sports more affordable for others, and keep more gear on playing fields and out of landfills. 

Here’s how our trade-in events work:

Step 1: Gather your gear

Before heading to a trade-in event, gather any sports gear you have lying around. Be sure to check our trade-in guidelines in order to decide what to bring. In general, we’re looking for sports and outdoor equipment that:

✔️ Was purchased in the last 5 years

✔️ Is in good working condition

✔️ Had an original retail value of over $75

So, take a look around, throw that gear in a bag, and bring it down to the nearest SidelineSwap trade-in event. If you’re not sure, bring it along anyway, and we’ll evaluate it for you free of charge. If we can’t take it, we’ll suggest nearby donation options.


Step 2: Visit a trade-in event 

You can find upcoming events by checking our event calendar. Trade-in events are typically held Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at stores like Dick’s Sporting Goods and Monkey Sports. 

Once you arrive, bring your gear to the front of the store. The SidelineSwap trade-in booth is typically located out front or just inside the main entrance. If you don’t see us when you walk in, ask the store manager to point you in the right direction. 

Our Trade-in Coordinators will check you in and begin reviewing your gear. This usually takes between 5 minutes and 30 minutes, depending on how busy the event is and how much gear you bring. We encourage you to walk around the store and shop while you wait. When your quote is ready, you’ll receive a text message asking you to return to the trade-in booth. 


Step 3: Review your quote and get paid

Back at the booth, our Trade-in Coordinator will present your quote and answer any questions you may have. You can always choose to keep some items from the quote. Once you’ve accepted the quote, you’ll be presented with a gift card of equal value to the store where the event is being held. This gift card will be sent via email and text message. You can use the gift card right away in the store or online, or split the value over multiple purchases—and the card will never expire! 

What happens to your used gear? 

After a trade-in is completed, we prepare the gear to be resold on SidelineSwap. Within a few days, it will be cleaned, photographed, and listed for resale. 

Trade-in events are a win-win-win

💰 A win for sellers: families trading in their gear get money to spend on next season’s purchases.

🏆 A win for buyers: reselling used gear helps make sports more affordable for other families.

🌎 A win for the planet: every item that is resold is another item kept out of a landfill. 


Interested in visiting a trade-in event? Check our event calendar here.

Interested in hosting a trade-in event? Let us know!

Do you have a resale business and want to run your own event? Contact us!