Best Outfielder Gloves of 2024

As the last line of defense, pro outfielders prefer a big glove with a deep pocket, designed to snag fly balls and line drives. Outfielders use the largest gloves on the field, typically ranging from 12.5” to 13” inches, which provides more surface area and extra reach for high catches. The best outfielder’s gloves should provide a bit of extra padding in the fingers and palm for catching hard-hit balls, and be able to withstand season after season of high-speed slides through dirt and grass. Quick transfers are still important for holding runners and getting the ball back to the infield, but the webbing styles of an outfielder’s glove should be more focused on providing visibility and supportive stopping power.

Buying secondhand is a great way to save money and get a quality leather glove that’s broken in and ready for the outfield. With help from our resident expert, Dylan Johnson, we've picked our favorite outfielder gloves of 2024.

Rawlings Pro Preferred Outfielder Glove


The Rawlings Pro Preferred outfielders’ glove is designed for any player who wants the feel and performance of professional-grade gear. Crafted from ultra-premium kip leather for extra comfort and durability, the Pro Preferred breaks in perfectly and offers exceptional ball control with its customizable fit. The Pro Preferred has features like moisture-wicking pittards, sheepskin lining, and reinforced palms for lasting comfort and performance. Available in a variety of sizes, colors, and web patterns, the Pro Preferred comes in models by Major League outfielders like Byron Buxton (featured glove above), Ronald Acuna Jr., Aaron Judge, and Mike Trout. 

Pro Preferred outfielder gloves starting at just $99!

Wilson A2000 Julio Rodriguez JR44 GM


The JR44 GM is Julio Rodriguez’s version of the Wilson A2000 baseball glove—a top-of-the-line option for outfielders willing to invest in a glove that will last for many seasons to come. Since its introduction in 1957, the A2000 has set Wilson’s standard for performance, featuring Pro Stock leather for durability, comfort, and a fit that improves over time. The A2000 is traditionally known for its deep pocket and variety of web patterns to suit different fielding positions, with J-Rod’s version being an outfielder’s dream come true. The 12.75” JR44 GM features a single-post web style that offers a good balance of visibility and a large catching area. It has a modified wrist strap and wider pinky stall than other models, and the resulting fit is superb—and well worth the period of time needed to break it in.

Get one while supplies last...Julio Rodriguez Wilson A2000 gloves starting at just $300!

Mizuno Global Elite Outfielder Glove


The Mizuno Global Elite baseball glove is extremely lightweight and balanced for an outfielder’s glove. It’s crafted with Japanese E-Lite Leather, which is known for its softness and light construction, and yet the glove is also tough. To create its secure and long-lasting structure, the Global Elite series uses Roll Welting, a technique that reinforces the fingers and palm throughout the glove. While other high-end outfield gloves offer similar features (deep pockets and various web options) the combination of Mizuno's 3D Technology for a tailored fit, lightweight leather, and focus on balance makes the Mizuno Global Elite outfielder's glove especially well-tailored for the job.

Global Elite outfielder gloves starting at just $150!

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