Best Infielder Gloves of 2024

Infielders generally prefer a shallower pocket (compared to outfielders) to help with fast, high-pressure transfers of the ball from the glove to the throwing hand. These mechanics are crucial for turning double plays and making quick, smooth throws to first base.

Second basemen and shortstops often use an open web design (such as an I-web or an H-web) since these webs offer less obstruction when transferring the ball quickly. Third basemen can benefit from a slightly deeper pocket and a more closed web design (like a trapeze web) as these patterns provide extra stability and help secure line drives and ground balls that scorch down the third baseline. Although it varies slightly for each specific infield position, an infielder's glove should be smaller (10.5”–12”) and lighter than an outfielder's glove to allow for easier maneuverability and transfers of the ball.  

Buying secondhand is a great way to save money and get a quality glove that’s broken in and ready for the infield. With help from our resident expert, Dylan Johnson, we've picked our favorite infielder’s gloves of 2024.

Rawlings Infielder Gold Glove


The Rawlings Gold Glove isn't a single model, but a series that pays homage to the prestigious Rawlings Gold Glove Award (given annually to the best defensive players at each position in Major League Baseball). These gloves are designed to mimic the ones used by pros, featuring moldable padding, pocket-shape retention, and full-grain leather for durability. The series comes in various sizes and web patterns to cater to specific positions. The Rawlings Gold Glove series is a modern gem in Rawlings' long tradition of quality baseball equipment and is deserving of its prestigious namesake.

Gold Glove's starting at just $24!

Mizuno MVP Prime Infielder Glove


The Mizuno MVP Prime baseball glove is crafted for the pros, but available to the rest of us. The MVP Prime features Bio Soft leather, a pro-style material that combines the perfect amount of oil and softness for exceptional feel and control. This glove’s leather will hold up to hard use on the field while also providing a soft, comfortable fit. Regardless of your specific infield position, your glove should feel snug but not constricting, and you should be able to close it comfortably from the start. The MVP Prime uses Mizuno’s professional lace system to offer an excellent fit, long-lasting durability, and an embroidered touch of personality.

MVP Prime gloves starting at just $120!

Rawlings Premium Series Infielder Glove


Crafted from full-grain leather, the Rawlings Premium Series baseball glove features a shell that improves over time, forming a deep pocket for reliable ball control in the infield. Rawlings incorporates pro-inspired patterns throughout the series, ensuring you'll find the perfect glove for your position, along with some classic colors and web patterns. For enhanced comfort and impact protection, the Rawlings Premium Series uses the brand’s Zero Shock palm padding in every position’s glove, as well as cushioned finger-back linings. This clever design offers comfort on each play and has helped make the series a popular choice for both infielders and outfielders.

Premium Series gloves starting at just $33!

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