About Us

SidelineSwap is the athlete’s online marketplace where players can buy, sell, trade, and shop for gear. With over 30,000 items added to the site in the first twelve months, SidelineSwap has quickly become the best place to find custom apparel and equipment from the players, teams, and companies you love. In addition to tons of custom pro, college, high school, club gear, SidelineSwap also has a huge inventory of used apparel at cheap prices. Start adding gear to your locker for free and join the fastest growing community of athletes on the Internet.

SidelineSwap is perfect for players, fans, gear-heads, parents, teams and companies...


Whether you're looking to trade up for a new set of gloves, sell your extra stuff to make some cash, or just show off an awesome collection of swag, a SidelineSwap locker is an essential for every player. It's free to get started, it's easy to use, and it's fun to interact with players from every level and every area of the country.


Buying a jersey or T-shirt in the souvenir shop or bookstore is great, but nothing compares to wearing the gear the team wears. SidelineSwap is the best place to access authentic apparel and equipment from the teams and players you love.


Before SidelineSwap, you had to be in the right place at the right time in order to find the custom swag that is now added to SidelineSwap on a daily basis. Follow us on Instagram and stay tuned in to our recently added section so you don't miss out on the best gear that's uploaded everyday.


Behind every athlete is a parent with a garage full of old equipment. Most of the time the equipment is still in pretty good shape but your kids have grown out or grown tired of it. Buy and sell lightly used equipment on SidelineSwap to save on the big box store prices and make a few bucks back on the equipment when it's time to get rid of it. Think of SidelineSwap as Play-It-Again Sports but online and cool.