The 7 Best Youth Football Shoulder Pads For 2023

As youth football players grow through various ages, the shoulder pads they wear must evolve with them. Youth football shoulder pads are designed to protect kids as they hit the ground in different positions. From impact protection to extra coverage, many youth football pads can be customized for players' specific needs. With a wide variety of pad types on the market, finding the right set can take time which is why our SidelineSwap gear experts have compiled this list of the 7 best youth football shoulder pads for 2023 to help you find the right shoulder pads for your kid this season.

7. Riddell Rival Youth

Starting off at number 7 is the Riddell Rival Youth.

The Rival shoulder pads make for a perfect option to protect your child's shoulders when they're on the field. The flat pad design gives your child more range of motion for tackling and blocking, which helps to keep them safe – while the Corrugated Arches provide great protection for lighter hits and keep them moving with ease.

Overall, the Riddell Rival and its multiple layers of padding and strategically placed break-away zones provide great overall protection with optimal lower and upper body coverage. The Rival was designed with a flat pad design for better preserving range of motion for youth players.

6. Schutt Y-Flex 500

Next up at number 6 is the Schutt Y-Flex 500.

Cradling a player's shoulders in the lightweight, exceptionally low-profile comfort of the Y-Flex 500 shoulder pads, Schutt gives youth players the perfect blend of innovation and affordability.

Boasting vent holes to provide game-winning breathability and a flexible elastic strap adjustment system that provides an incredible and easy fit, these shoulder pads are ideal for youth players.

5. Champro Scorpion

Up next is the Champro Scorpion: a shoulder pad skillfully made for players seeking .

Designed to offer youth players the protection they need without adding unnecessary bulk. The Scorpion shoulder pad is constructed of a high-impact PE arch matched with a tempered steel spring cantilever design. This combination offers youth players superior protection and greater impact energy dispersion.

An adjustable bicep strap gives players the ability to get the right fit while the exterior TPR reinforced wrap-around design helps offer additional support by balancing out the shoulder area.

4. Schutt Y Flex 2.0

Next up is a shoulder pad precisely designed for young players who need exceptional impact protection and easy adjustability: the Schutt Y Flex 2.0.

Schutt's Y-Flex 2.0 Youth Shoulder Pads are specially designed to provide superior impact protection while fitting comfortably over the shoulders and chest to prevent injuries sustained from hits on the way down. With an extended front cushion for long-lasting extra sternum protection, these pads give unique and exceptionally easy adjustability. The contoured length adjustment system helps reinforce proper pad fit and decrease the chance of shoulder movement during the play.

3. Schutt XV FLEX

Sliding into our countdown at number 3 we've got the Schutt XV FLEX.

The Schutt XV FLEX Youth Football Shoulder Pads offer a superior fit, coupled with great protection for the youth position player. The XV FLEX features an energy lock redundant cushioning system for better performance in conjunction with arches that improve range of motion. If you are looking for a new shoulder pad for your young athlete that maximizes comfort and safety, the Schutt XV FLEX Youth Shoulder Pads are an excellent choice.

2. Schutt DS Flex

The Schutt DS Flex is a shoulder pad that ensures exceptional mobility.

Schutt's DS Flex Youth football shoulder pads are built with a snug fit that provides exceptional mobility alongside raised corrugations in the arch to provide superior added strength.This enables players at any level, especially younger players, to play with more confidence and increased comfort, leading to better performance on the field!

1. Xenith Xflexion Flyte

Finally, rounding out our list at number 1 we've got Xenith's innovative Xflexion Flyte.

Looking for the right pair of shoulder pads to give your youngster the support and protection they need? The Xenith Xflexion flyte Youth football shoulder pads are specially designed for youth players by integrating strategically placed pads and a sturdy sternum plate for unrestricted movement.

With high-impact foam shoulder caps for increased protection, the Xenith Xflexion flyte is the ultimate youth shoulder pad that will help any young football player make easier tackles and blocks, all while providing maximum protection to ensure many more years on the gridiron.


Best Youth Football Shoulder Pads For 2023
Rank Shoulder Pad
1. Xenith Xflexion Flyte
2. Schutt DS Flex
3. Schutt XV FLEX
4. Schutt Y Flex 2.0
5. Champro Scorpion
6. Schutt Y-Flex 500
7. Riddell Rival Youth