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The 7 Best Lacrosse Heads For Attack (2023)


The 7 Best Lacrosse Heads For Attack (2023)

When it comes to Lacrosse, it's no secret that good attackmen need to possess the drive, ability, and work ethic to constantly hang onto or regain a loose ball. They also need to be able to take advantage of transition opportunities by getting open and firing off a quick release shot. In order to accomplish all this, they need an attack lacrosse head that allows them to do so. There are tons of lacrosse heads available today which makes narrowing down the best ones dif2icult. We've decided to attack (pun intended) this challenge and help you out by counting down our picks for the 7 best attack lacrosse heads for 2023.

7. Under Armour Command 2

Starting off our list at number 7 is the Under Armour Command 2.

The Command 2 Lacrosse Head was specifically designed for intermediate to advanced level attackmen. The all-weather design allows for better performance in extreme temperatures and the 'glide + scoop' technology pairs with a perfectly positioned scoop that ensures fast ground ball pickups every time.

6. Maverik Kinetik

Next up at number 6 is the Maverik Kinetik.

The Maverik Kinetik lacrosse head is built to meet the needs of elite offensive players for which consistent head and mid-high pocket are must-haves. Highly sought after by top-rated attackmen, the Kinetik is constructed using advanced X-Rail Technology, DuraTough material, and an innovative new approach to developing a lacrosse head that will provide shot after shot of controllable performance with high levels of accuracy.

5. STX Surgeon

Up next is the STX Surgeon: a head skillfully made for players seeking enhanced control and a quicker release.

The STX Surgeon is a lacrosse head engineered specifically for the player looking for multiple performance benefits, such as advanced ball control, increased all-weather versatility, and of course: a lightning quick release.

With a new ACP™ All Climate Performance technology that provides enhanced control in all weather conditions, the Surgeon is an excellent choice for attackmen who seek both control and speed – attributes typically found in separate heads crafted for distinct playing styles.

4. Warrior Evo Warp Pro

At number 4 we've got the Warrior Evo Warp Pro.

The Evo Warp Pro is one of Warrior's most advanced, game-winning heads.

It is one of the first attack heads with Warrior's one of a kind breakthrough LOC-Throat™ technology for increased stiffness and stability - allowing you to unleash a faster shot with less effort. This head allows mid-to-low pocket placement that makes it the ideal choice for control and precision.

3. Nike Vapor

The Nike Vapor is a head that delivers improved ball control and enhanced accuracy.

Made with high performance material for a stiff construction alongside a deep offset profile for better-improved ball control, the Nike Vapor is professionally crafted as one of the most popular Nike lacrosse heads available.

2. ECD Lacrosse Mirage

Next up is a head precisely tailored for players in need of added control and depth control: the ECD Lacrosse Mirage.

Designed with the offensive player in mind, the stylish EDC Mirage is built with high-grade construction that provides exceptional durability and an aggressive flare for added control. Overall, the Mirage is specifically built to provide lacrosse players with the same high-tech features used by the pros.

1. Maverik Optik 2.0

Finally, rounding out our list at number 1 we've got the Maverik Optik 2.0.

A proven performer since day one, the Optik 2.0 is built from the ground up to ensure you can count on it for years with elite-level performance that gives you a sleek, efficient way to take your game to the next level.

Maverik's inventive XRAIL Technology not only delivers ultra-accurate shots but also offers an efficient stress distribution that helps maintain a higher overall performance level at all times. The Optik 2.0 also features state-of-the-art Duratough material that provides increased stiffness and unmatched durability to create a more responsive head for winning plays.


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