The 6 Best Hockey Helmets for 2023

So you're in the market for a new brain bucket? At first glance, hockey helmets may look like the same piece of equipment but with so many brands and options on the market, there are many different styles of helmets. Hockey helmet technology is constantly evolving and of course, every player wants a sleek, good looking helmet but looks aren't everything. With helmets, protection is paramount. That's why we've gone ahead and compiled a list of our 6 best hockey helmets for 2023 that combine both style with safety.

6. Warrior Covert PX+

The Warrior Covert PX+ starts off our list of the best hockey helmets of 2021 at number 6.

The Warrior Covert PX+ is lightweight, yet still accommodates a wide variety of head shapes and sizes. It has a two-piece shell and tool-free adjustment so you can dial in the fit for ultimate protection. Its EPP foam liner is lightweight for maximum comfort, and its vinyl nitrate (VN) foam padding conforms to your head shape for improved comfort.

5. Bauer Re-Akt 150

Next up we've got the Re-Akt 150 by Bauer.

Building upon the legacy of the best-selling, game-dominating Re-Akt line, Bauer's Re-Akt 150 has been updated and re-engineered to give players everything they need to keep their head in the game. The Re-Akt 150 is designed for players seeking a personalized fit and a range of high-end protection. This rink-ready helmet comes with VTX technology specially designed for impact resistance, and XRD foam for all-around protection without compromising comfort. Overall, with a variety of sizes and colors available, the Re-Akt 150 is a sleek, stylish, and safe option at a slightly lower price point than the Re-Akt 200.

4. CCM Tacks 710

At number 4 we've got CCM’s Tacks 710 helmet; yet another tool-free adjustable helmet for game-ready fit.

The CCM Tacks 710 hockey helmet is the one of the best selling and most popular helmets in the CCM line, providing elite level protection with unsurpassed comfort. The Tacks 710 is made from D30 smart material for a lightweight and low-friction fit, and equipped with I.Q.Shion memory foam for premium comfort right out of the box. The Tacks 710 also features a tool-free adjustment system that allows you to adjust the fit of your helmet on the fly for personalized comfort. With its combination of superior protection, premium comfort, and advanced technologies, this helmet is perfect for players.                                                 


3. CCM Fitlite 3DS

Sliding into our countdown at number 3 is another CCM bucket, this time it’s the CCM Fitlite 3DS. The CCM Fitlite 3DS is, in many ways, an updated version of the best-selling CCM Vector helmet. The Fitlite 3DS is made with high-density polyethylene and ABS shell materials for long-lasting durability and an enhanced fit. It also features a Micro-dial III Adjustment System for a tight occipital lock and rate sensitive D3O smart foam for superior temple protection. Overall, this two-piece helmet offers a low profile design that is both comfortable and lightweight, making it perfect for any level of play.

2. Warrior Alpha One Pro

At number 2 we’ve got the one and only Warrior Alpha One Pro. The Warrior Alpha One Pro hockey helmet is a true game changer – superior fit and comfort, lightweight protection and increased visibility. The True One shell provides an ultra-rigid one-piece construction with optimized weight and balance. On the inside, the Impax soft-touch foam shield has different size cells so it can adapt to the one-time hit or repeated pounding of a double impact – hence why this series is preferred by the pros. Plus, the BOA, AdaptFit 270 technology enables a fine-tuned fit every time you put it on making for unparalleled comfort. When all is said and done, the Alpha One Pro both looks good and allows you to play with confidence knowing your head is fully protected.

1. Bauer Re-Akt 200


Capping off our list of the best hockey helmets for 2021, we’ve got the Bauer Re-Akt 200. The Re-Akt 200 is a top-of-the line, no-nonsense protective helmet for hockey players looking for the highest level of protection on the market. This helmet boasts both VN and VTX foams for advanced lightweight protection paired with molded side foams to offer extended gap protection from hard impacts. The Bauer Re-Akt technology works to enhance energy transfer, using lightweight foams molded together to absorb hard impacts. The Re-Akt 200’s temple guard has also been updated to offer greater protection against impacts from the side that can cause some serious damage. You simply can't go wrong with the Bauer Re-Akt 200.

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