The 5 Best Football Shoulder Pads For 2023

When it comes to football shoulder pads, protection is paramount. Pads need to protect your collarbone, bicep, chest, and shoulders without causing you to slow down on the field.

Having a good set of shoulder pads will ensure adequate mobility while helping to protect from injury; whether it is from a tackle by another player or from a hard dive to the ground making that game-winning touchdown. With that in mind, here is our review of the 5 best football shoulder pads for 2023 and what sets each of them apart from the rest.

5. Douglas Destroyer

Starting off at number 5 is the Douglas Destroyer.

The Destroyer shoulder pad is designed with a flat pad design to provide game-winning preserving range of motion and 2 layer, redundant cushion padding that provides incredibly trustworthy protection.

The Destroyer has become one of the most popular Douglas football shoulder pads available. Available in multiple sizes and shapes for a variety of positions, the Destroyer is designed to give players the ultimate advantage on the gridiron.

4. Schutt XV FLEX

Up next is the Schutt XV FLEX: a shoulder pad skillfully made for players seeking exceptional protection with a wider, more natural range of motion.

An elite football player's gear is a crucial component to their level of performance and the XV FLEX was developed with this in mind. The XV FLEX has been expertly designed with Energy Lock redundant cushioning for increased performance matched with tactical arches for a wider, more natural range of motion when compared to other shoulder pads. Overall, the XV FLEX is engineered to meet the needs of elite football players for which performance is paramount.

3. Riddell Power SPK

At number 3 we've got the Riddell Power SPK.

Riddell's Power SPK shoulder pads have a STAC Shoulder System that allows for a more active, more responsive range of motion. The Pro-Dri vest design provides extra comfort and increased airflow to keep you cooler during the game and compression molding achieves the perfect combination of protection and flexibility. Also featuring RipKord technology for faster pad insert and removal, Riddell's Power SPK shoulder pads are the ideal choice for any hard-charging player.

2. Schutt XV HD

Next up is the Schutt XV HD: a shoulder pad precisely tailored to players in need of lightweight breathability.

With its state-of-the-art construction, the Schutt XV HD shoulder pad is designed to give elite football players the optimum level of protection. The front of the pad has a unique Tactical Arch Design that ensures maximum range of motion without giving up protective coverage. With Perforate high-density EVA foam for better breathability throughout the pads, the XV HD is a great choice for players seeking improved comfort during those sweltering late-summer games.

1. Riddell Power SPX

Finally, rounding out our list at number 1 we've got the Riddell Power SPX.

Just like many other Riddell football shoulder pads, the Power SPX is built for speed, comfort, and proteciton. Engineered with state-of-the-art technology to help you dominate on the gridiron, the Power SPX from Riddell provides comfort and unmatched protection. The Power SPX delivers lightweight comfort engineered with a specially-designed cap + apulet system for top-tier mobility. Alongside specially crafted RipKord technology that makes the pads practically effortless to remove, these pads are built to give any player exceptional protection and game-winning comfort.