The 4 Best Youth Football Helmets For 2023

For youth football players especially, protection should always be the top priority when considering what football helmet to use. Below we'll walk you through our list of the 4 best youth football helmets for 2023.

4. Riddell Victor

Starting off our list at number 4 we've got the Riddell Victor.

The Riddell Victor football helmet is engineered to be lighter, sleeker, and stronger without compromising protection. The Riddell Victor is a football helmet built for beginner and youth players in search of maximum impact protection and enhanced protection against side impacts.

Featuring Riddell's Patented Side Impact Protection (PISP) technology for maximum impact protection, an extended jaw flap for enhanced side protection, and a removable overliner for added comfort, the Riddell Victor provides the type of top-tier protection youth players need to ensure they keep their head in the game to make those game winning plays.

3. Schutt F7

The Schutt F7 is a football helmet that delivers top-of-the-line performance and a high-quality fit.

The Schutt F7 is one of the best selling youth football helmets in the country. Featuring the patented TPU Cushioning for maximum energy absorption, and Multi-Layer Liner system that correctly fits around a player's head and meets NOCSAE Standards, this helmet gives the protection kids need to be confident on the field.

2. Xenith X2E

At number 2 in our list is a helmet tailored to youth players in need of exceptional comfort and good linear impact reduction: the Xenith X2E.

The X2E is a helmet built with many game-changing safety (and comfort) features that any youth player will find suitable. With an Internal Shock Matrix system that provides exceptional protection against rotational forces alongside dual-density padding for elite-level comfort, the Xenith X2E is specifically designed to provide youth football players with trustworthy protection and top-tier comfort.

1. Riddell SpeedFlex


Finally, rounding out our list of the best youth football helmets for 2023 is the one and only Riddell SpeedFlex: a helmet made for budding youth players who need an easier way to adjust their chinstrap while also affording maximum impact protection.

A wrap-around protective fit and unparalleled comfort are key features of the Riddell SpeedFlex. Much like it’s adult counterpart which has been the go-to helmet for high school, NCAA, and NFL players alike for years, the youth SpeedFlex is equally impressive. With a Ratchet-Loc retention system for easier to chinstrap adjustment, an innovative Tru-Curve liner technology that offers an unmatched, anatomical fit, and a lightweight yet durable shell, the Riddell SpeedFlex offers all the protection any youth player needs to ensure many more years of tackles and touchdowns.


Best Youth Football Helmets For 2023
Rank Helmet
1. Riddell SpeedFlex
2. Xenith X2E
3. Schutt F7
4. Riddell Victor