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Demarini Zoa 32” 29once BBCORE bat
Retail price: $499
Demarini Zoa 31” 26 once (-5) USSSA bat
Retail price: $399
Demarini zoa 28/17
Retail price: $399
Barely Used Demarini Goods
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DeMarini Baseball Bats Frequently Asked Questions

There are dozens of options when buying a new baseball bat and when it comes to DeMarini bats, you're sure to find a high quality bat that delivers durability, performance, and accuracy. With a wide array of bats, each with various high-tech features designed for a variety of different player preferences, DeMarini gives you the freedom to find a bat that is guaranteed to suit your style of play. Here are our top DeMarini baseball bats:

DeMarini CF (Formerly CF Zen)

The CF (CF Zen) is DeMarini's flagship baseball bat for a reason. It is built with one of the most effective two-piece designs in the game, and it features their patented 3Fusion connection system which eliminates vibration and re-routes energy back into the barrel for maximum power. With a large sweetspot and light swing, the DeMarini CF is the ultimate combination of power, speed, and bat control making it a great bat for any level of play.

DeMarini Voodoo

The DeMarini Voodoo bat is made from a combination of a durable X14 alloy barrel and a lightweight composite handle. This gives the Voodoo its outstanding ability to endure the most rigorous hits while providing high swing speeds with unparalleled responsiveness.

DeMarini Vexxum

The DeMarini Vexxum is a lightweight, fast-swinging aluminum baseball bat that's built for speed. Equally adept at batting practice and game situations, the Vexxum’s stiffer feel and vibration reduction technology helps to facilitate the efficient transfer of energy from the barrel to the ball for a fast, controlled hit.

DeMarini Voodoo Overload

The DeMarini Voodoo Overlord is designed to give you more explosive power and control. With a durable, composite barrel that makes for a stiffer feel and distributes vibrations over a larger area, the Voodoo Overlord allows for maximum power without sacrificing control.

DeMarini CF8 and CF5

The DeMarini CF5 and CF8 are two-piece composite bats built for speed. This one-of-a-kind lightweight design features a stiff and balanced barrel with a large sweetspot for added pop and increased speed of swing. Although similar bats, the CF8 features numerous upgrades from the CF5 such as an composite handle that is optimized to redirect energy back into the barrel for an explosive like feel on hits with less on hand sting.

Demarini Voodoo One Balanced

The Voodoo One Balanced bat is designed to maximize speed and optimize performance. As an extra stiff bat with an alloy barrel, the Voodoo One Balanced offers a feel that is similar to a wood bat but without sacrificing swing speed.

The Goods

DeMarini's The Goods Baseball Bat has an expanded X14 Alloy Barrel and is designed for maximum energy transfer. With a composite handle, The Goods has a very stiff feel for unmatched energy transfer on every swing. Much like the CF and CF Zen, The Goods is a responsive bat that delivers big-time pop and a smooth swing.