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DeMarini Voodoo Baseball Bat

The DeMarini Voodoo is a popular bat known for its two-piece hybrid construction, combining an alloy barrel with a composite handle. This technological twist provides a sweet blend of pop, performance, and reduced hand sting for players—and has created some well-deserved hype for the Voodoo. Founded in 1989, DeMarini has emerged as an innovative designer for baseball bats at every level. The balanced swing weight and maximized pop of the Voodoo bat is proof of this progression.

Perfect bat for:
Elite high school and collegiate players who want to maximize their hitting power without sacrificing speed and control.

Key features include:

X14 Alloy BarrelDelivers a precision-engineered alloy for optimal weight distribution, providing a blend of speed, balance, and power.
3Fusion ConnectionSeamlessly integrates the barrel and handle, optimizing weight control while reducing vibration for an improved feel upon contact.
ReAction End CapIncreases barrel performance without sacrificing swing speed, allowing players to drive the ball with greater force.
Two-Piece Hybrid ConstructionCombines a robust alloy barrel with a composite handle, ensuring durability and comfort during intense play.
Tremendous PopThe Voodoo’s construction is designed to give hitters a satisfying “pop” sound upon contact, indicative of power and quality.
Balanced Swing WeightEngineered for optimal swing speed, making it easier for hitters to control their swings and hit with precision.

Top Competitors

The Louisville Slugger Meta is known for its composite barrel that provides a larger sweet spot, while the Easton ADV 360 features an ultra-light swing weight and custom Lizard Skins grip. The choice between these models often comes down to personal preference between a lean towards power (DeMarini Voodoo), sweet spot size (Louisville Slugger Meta), or customization and swing weight (Easton ADV 360).

Progression of the DeMarini Voodoo

Here is a list that details the progression of this series, highlighting the main features and advancements with each new model.

2007 - Voodoo (Initial Release)
  • Introduced the hybrid design concept with an alloy barrel and composite handle.
  • Focused on maximizing power while reducing vibration to the hands. 
2009 - Voodoo Black
  • Introduced Pitch Black Plus Composite handle for better energy transfer.
  • Ion End Cap to reduce vibration and redirect energy back to the barrel.
2014 - Voodoo Overlord
  • Featured a new, stiffer D-Fusion handle that reduces vibration more efficiently.
  • Introduced an X12 Alloy barrel for a lighter swing weight and more power.
2015 - Voodoo Raw
  • RCK Knob for a comfortable grip.
  • Flame-tempered treatment for a stronger, more durable barrel.
  • Introduction of the Low Pro End Cap to optimize swing weight.
2017 - Voodoo Balanced
  • Implementation of the 3Fusion handle and end cap for better weight control and feel.
  • Paraflex Composite Handle for an even better feel and more precise weight distribution.
2017 - Voodoo Insane
  • End-loaded version of the Voodoo, designed for power hitters looking for more mass in the barrel.
  • Also benefited from the 3Fusion System enhancements.
2019 - Voodoo One
  • A one-piece alloy construction for a stiffer feel and maximum energy transfer.
  • Features precision-engineered alloy, providing the thinnest walls in the game.

👍 Pros
I enjoy the balanced weight distribution of the bat in my hands.
The bat has a really good swing weight, and I know it won't break easily.
It has a fantastic pop and an excellent feel with no vibration at all.
👎 Cons
I swing hard and after a few months, it now has a huge dent and gash on the barrel.
The endcap broke after only a couple games.
Must hit perfect or bat will sting hands.

The Voodoo is an older model. It's been discontinued and replaced by a new bat called The Goods. Both are very similar in design. The Voodoo is a heavier bat designed for larger players who want more power and distance. It's one of the better performers in that two-piece design; it's a composite handle with an alloy barrel, which means they call it a hybrid because it has both materials inside the bat (alloy and composite), giving it an end-loaded feel.


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