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DeMarini Zoa 2024
Retail price: $399
2024 DeMarini Zoa
Retail price: $399
Demarini zoa 28/17
Retail price: $399
Demarini Zoa 32” 29once BBCORE bat
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Demarini Zoa 31” 26 once (-5) USSSA bat
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DeMarini Zoa Baseball Bat

The DeMarini Zoa baseball bat is designed to deliver explosive power and a forgiving feel for young travel ball players. The Zoa features a Continuous Fiber Composite Barrel, maximizing the sweet spot for consistent solid contact and extra-base hits. Its two-piece composite construction offers a lightweight swing for smoother bat control and faster bat speed, allowing young hitters to generate more power on every swing. The Zoa is available in various USSSA and BBCOR models to suit different league requirements.

Perfect bat for
High school and collegiate players seeking a composite bat that provides a large hitting area without sacrificing a light swing weight.

Key features include:

Continuous Fiber Composite BarrelCrafted for a lighter, more durable barrel with a massive sweet spot for unparalleled power and consistency.
Direct Connection HandleOffers energy transfer and a stiff feel on contact, designed for players who crave immediate feedback with each swing.
ReAction End CapIncreases barrel performance without sacrificing swing speed, optimizing the balance between power and control.
Two-Piece Composite ConstructionDelivers a blend of speed and power, allowing for maximum bat speed and a more efficient energy transfer.

Top Competitors

The Demarini Zoa's Continuous Fiber Composite Barrel delivers a massive sweet spot for consistent contact, perfect for building confidence. Louisville Slugger Meta counters with a Lite Alloy design, offering a balanced swing weight between power and control for versatile players. And the Easton Maxum Ultra boasts a Double Wall X Composite Barrel, maximizing power for aggressive hitters who can handle a potentially heavier swing weight. Consider your player's hitting style and experience to pick their perfect bat.

Progression of the DeMarini Zoa Baseball Bat

Here is a list that details the progression of this series, highlighting the main features and advancements with each new model.

2022 - Zoa BBCOR
  • Continuous Fiber Composite Barrel for consistent performance
  • Direct Connection handle system for increased stiffness and energy transfer
  • Gapped Wall technology to maximize barrel performance 
2023 - Zoa Glitch
  • Updated end cap for improved balance and swing speed
  • New colorway
👍 Pros
The Zoa is hot out of the wrapper, has a forgiving barrel and almost no vibration. My son absolutely crushes the ball.
If you like end-loaded bats, the Zoa has surprising pop with low noise. It feels good when squared up.
This bat increased my exit velocity and feels smooth when swinging. It's the best bat I've ever used.
👎 Cons
The Zoa is heavy and can be hard to locate the barrel. I recommended for very strong players. If you swing a drop 5 alloy, try a drop 8 Zoa.
Sounds dead. We bought this bat because of the good reviews. Its expensive and has no pop.
Only downside is that the weather needs to be warmer or it will crack the bat due to it being all composite.

The Zoa has a strong barrel and connection, making it a heavier, end loaded bat overall. Your smaller players won't get the same bat speed or same performance with the Zoa as they do with the CF. The Zoa is one of those power hitter two-piece composites.


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