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Callaway Golf Fairway Woods Frequently Asked Questions

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Image of FT
From: $30 - $55
480 available
#4 in Fairway Woods

About Callaway FT Fairway Woods

Callaway FT fairway woods are value woods designed for shot-shaping control and cleaner turf interaction.

With an OptiFit weighting system for a draw or neutral CG bias, tungsten-infused sole plate for shot-shaping control, and a dual runner sole for cleaner turf interaction, the FT is loaded with the latest Callaway technologies for optimal fairway performance.

ModelPriceBuilt For
Callaway FT$$Shot-shaping control and cleaner turf interaction

Callaway FT - Key Features

  • OptiFit Weighting System for a draw or neutral CG bias
  • Dual Runner Sole for cleaner turf interaction
  • Tungsten-infused sole plate for shot-shaping control

Callaway FT - Specs

HeadLoftLieLengthAvailabilitySwing Weight
315°57.0°43.00"RH / LHD1
315°57.0°43.00"RH / LHD1
417°57.5°42.50"RH / LHD1
417°57.5°42.50"RH / LHD1
519°58.0°42.00"RH / LHD1
519°58.0°42.00"RH / LHD1
721°58.5°41.50"RH / LHD1
923°59.0°41.50"RH / LHD1
Image of Big Bertha
From: $20 - $38
359 available
#5 in Fairway Woods

About Callaway Big Bertha Fairway Woods

Callaway Big Bertha fairway woods are inexpensive woods made for faster ball speeds and increased stiffness.

With a shallower face for smoother turf interaction, flash face SS21 for faster ball speeds, and jailbreak bars for increased stiffness, the Big Bertha is specially designed with proven Callaway technologies for a game-winning wood.

ModelPriceBuilt For
Callaway Big Bertha$Faster ball speeds and increased stiffness

Callaway Big Bertha - Key Features

  • Shallower face for smoother turf interaction
  • Jailbreak bars for increased stiffness
  • Flash Face SS21 for faster ball speeds

Callaway Big Bertha - Specs

HeadLoftLieLengthAvailabilityVolumeSwing Weight
3W15°57.0°43.00"RH / LH170D2 (40g/50g), D4 (60g/70g)
5W18°58.0°42.25"RH / LH137D2 (40g/50g), D4 (60g/70g)
7W21°59.0°41.50"RH / LH135D2 (40g/50g), D4 (60g/70g)
9W24°60.0°40.75"RH132D2 (40g/50g), D4 (60g/70g)