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New Cascade XRS Helmet
Retail price: $350
Used Cascade XRS Helmet
Retail price: $300
Used Cascade XRS Helmet
Retail price: $330
Youth Cascade CPV-R Helmet
Retail price: $180
New Cascade S Helmet
Retail price: $230
Used Adult Cascade XRS Helmet
Retail price: $330

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Cascade Lacrosse Helmets Frequently Asked Questions

Most popular Cascade lacrosse helmets

Some of the most popular lacrosse helmets on the market include the Cascade S and the Cascade R.

The Cascade S comes with an updated one-piece SuperMono S Shell that protects against collisions without dislodging the helmet from its position. Its Tri-Liner system incorporates GEN4 EPP to help protect players from impacts coming in from any direction. The Cascade S was incredibly popular among high school and college programs across the country this past season.

The Cascade R is crafted with a liner system that combines patented Seven Tech technology with the XRD liner system to protect against impacts that are either high energy or low energy.