Cascade CPV-R Lacrosse Helmets

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Cascade White CPV-R Small/Med helmet
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Youth Cascade CPV-R Helmet
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New Lacrosse helmet
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Cascade CPV-R Helmet
Retail price: $175

Cascade CPV-R Lacrosse Helmets

Designed for advancing youth players, the CPV-R builds on Cascade’s legacy of innovation to deliver the most advanced impact management system ever found in a Cascade youth helmet. This state-of-the-art system features Cascade’s Seven Technology Liner, which absorbs and distributes impact force upon contact, minimizing the risk of concussion. The CPV-R also incorporates the comfortable and familiar SPRFIT adjustable ratchet system. This system allows for a customized fit that grows with your young athlete, ensuring minimum comfort throughout the game. With cutting-edge protection and a focus on adjustability, the Cascade CPV-R Lacrosse Helmet prioritizes both safety and performance making it a perfect choice for young players aiming to dominate the competition.

Perfect helmet for:
Youth players age 9-13, who seek a balance between protection and affordability

Key features include:

A multi-layered liner system incorporates various layers of materials to effectively absorb and disperse the force of impacts.
A Chevron face mask design. The bars' placement offers an increased field of view without compromising protection.
A single-piece shell and visor design contribute to a lighter overall helmet weight, reducing fatigue and improving mobility on the field.

Top Competitors

Today's young players have strong options in the Warrior Burn Jr and Cascade S Youth. All three lacrosse helmets prioritize safety with certifications, but target different aspects of the game: the CPV-R, features a multi-layered liner system, offering a balanced approach to protection. Today's Warrior Burn Jr echoes this focus with a combination of foams, while the Cascade S Youth prioritizes a sleek design and comfort features like a memory foam fit system, making it a great choice for young players starting out.

Progression of the CPV-R

Cascade took a big step forward with the release of the CPV-R helmet. In addition to making the helmet look better than its predecessor the CPV, it has new functional features, like a liner system and downward-sloping face mask for increased visibility and enhanced looks.

👍 Pros
My son has a larger-than-average head. It was snug, but not too tight. I like that it has an adjustment button on the back of the helmet.
Despite his small head, my son finds this helmet sits perfectly, does not wobble, and does not obstruct his vision during play.
I bought this helmet for my son to use for practicing in the off-season. It is solidly constructed, lightweight, and of excellent quality.
👎 Cons
I only wish there was an available size larger than M/L that wasn't a custom order. I have several kids on my team who require larger helmets.
The only issue is that Cascade doesn't make an L/XL for kids with bigger heads.
The only complaint my son has is the chin strap. Although we've adjusted it, it's too tight and leaves an indentation on his chin.

Stepping up from the original CPV, the CPV-R is an excellent pick for advancing youth players. It's a perfect helmet for young attackers and midfielders on the rise. It has a dial-adjust system that lets you fine-tune the tightness. No more helmet bouncing around during ground ball scrambles! It's also well-ventilated, a significant plus for keeping cool under pressure.

Overall feel

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