Cascade CS-R Youth Lacrosse Helmets

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Cascade CS-R Youth Lacrosse Helmets

The Cascade CS-R Youth Lacrosse Helmet is engineered specifically to address the collisions that take place at the U12 level. Thanks to the Poron XRD foam liner and memory foam sidewalls, it has a comfortable, secure fit. The FutureStar Mono R Shell offers a one-piece shell and visor system, creating a rigid design to manage frontal impacts. The CS-R Youth is part of Cascade’s excellent legacy—a helmet designed specifically for the evolving needs of youth players, that ensures they receive top-notch protection and comfort.

Perfect helmet for:
the elite youth player

Key features include:

Poron XRD Foam Liner absorbs and distributes impact specifically for youth players.
Memory foam side fit that conforms to the individual head shape for comfort and reduced pressure points.
Full pivot system allows the liner to pivot for a secure and growing room fit.
Junior R Mask design has a 3 bar design which increases the field of view without sacrificing protection.
FutureStart Mono R Shell is a one-piece shell and visor that rescues the overall weight.

Top Competitors

Though all three cater to young players and prioritize safety with certifications, the Cascade CS-R, Warrior Burn Jr, and Cascade Youth S offer distinct advantages: The CS-R reigns supreme in popularity for its comfortable memory foam fit and increased visibility with a 3-bar design. The Warrior Burn Jr prioritizes impact absorption with a combination of foam liners, similar to the CPX-R for adults. Finally, the Cascade Youth S boasts a sleek design and a budget-friendly price point, making it a good choice for young players starting out.

Progression of the CS-R

The Cascade CS-R is the first helmet of its kind. Never before has a company aimed to provide an elite-level youth helmet for the U-12 age group. Using the feedback from its predecessors, the original CS and the Cascade R helmet, Cascade created the CS-R with innovative tech, including a Gen 3 EPP Liner, a full pivoting system, FutureStar Mono Shell, and unlimited customization features.

👍 Pros
This helmet is perfect for my growing lacrosse player. The adjustable straps and padding ensure a snug but comfortable fit.
Being lightweight is a big deal for younger players. This helmet doesn't weigh them down, allowing kids to focus on the game.
The padding seems thick enough to absorb any bumps or falls my son might encounter on the field.
👎 Cons
While the straps are adjustable, I wish there were more options for fine-tuning the fit. My son has a narrower head, and it took some effort to get it feeling just right.
For the price, I would have liked to see a better sizing system that caters to a wider range of head shapes.
This helmet seems perfect for younger kids just starting out, but my 12-year-old son is going to need something more substantial as his skills increase.

The CS-R is perfect for players under 12 years old. Its key features are quality foam for impact absorption and memory foam side fits for a snug feel. This differs from adult helmets with thicker padding, ensuring the CS-R stays lightweight. However, this lighter padding system might not be ideal for older or more aggressive players who need top-level protection.

Overall feel

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