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Used Cascade CPV Helmet
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Cascade CPV Lacrosse Helmets Frequently Asked Questions

Cascade CPV Lacrosse Helmets

Product Description:

The Cascade CPV Lacrosse Helmet falls within the brand's tradition of offering high-quality protective equipment at accessible prices. It represents an entry or mid-range option within Cascade's helmet lineup. The CPV prioritizes comfort and a good fit for young, developing players. It features an adjustable sizing system to accommodate growth spurts and a lightweight design that won't weigh down smaller athletes. While the CPV offers decent protection, it might not be suitable for the highest levels of competitive play. This focus on affordability and adjustability makes the CPV a solid choice for beginners or players in youth leagues, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit at a reasonable price point. It reflects Cascade's understanding that a good helmet is essential for fostering confidence and encouraging participation in the sport.

Perfect helmet for:

younger players, typically ages 9-13

Key features include:

  • SPRfit™ system for a better 360 degree contoured fit.
  • Anatomical EPP / dovetail liner system for high-level protection.
  • Slight V-shape, Chevron Mask for increased downward vision.

Top competitors comparison: the Cascade CPV-R and the Warrior Burn

The Cascade CPV prioritizes a secure, personalized fit. It features the 3-point BOA fit system and focuses on comfort through strategically placed pads. This system caters to players who value a precise fit to maximize their performance. The Cascade CPV-R also has a multi-layered liner system for reliable protection but utilizes a traditional lace-up closure system. The Warrior Burn has its own multi-impact liner and a combined BOA dial and adjustable strap system. This combination is similar to the Cascade CPV and CPV-R but might appeal to players who prioritize safety.


There isn't a confirmed predecessor of the CPV. Cascade's lacrosse helmet history involved earlier models like the C2, which offered a more modern shape with an attached visor compared to even earlier leather styles. Cascade tweaks and improves materials, fit systems, and ventilation across its entire range without necessarily distinguishing between adult and youth models. The focus for the CPV is on maintaining a good value for younger players while incorporating some of the protective features from higher-end Cascade helmets.

What people are saying (edited for clarity and brevity)


  • For the price, the CPV is a fantastic option for younger players. It's a significant upgrade from the basic helmets that come in starter kits, and it won't break the bank
  • My daughter loves her CPV. It's comfortable to wear and feels much lighter than her old helmet. She says it doesn't rub or cause any pressure points
  • The CPV has an adjustable sizing system that's great for growing kids. I can adjust the straps and padding to ensure a snug but comfortable fit as my son grows


  • The ventilation in the CPV could be better. Especially on hot days, it causes my head to feel a bit sweaty.
  • I​​t’s not the most exciting for younger players who want to personalize their gear.
  • This is a great starter helmet, but as your child's skills and competition level increase, they might eventually need a helmet with more advanced protection features.

Expert notes (by elite seller Benaround)

The Cascade CPV is an excellent choice if you're a young attacker or midfielder looking for a helmet that won't weigh you down. The CPV sits at a comfortable price point for a lacrosse helmet and delivers a lightweight, sleek design. The shell keeps things cool with its venting system, and the adjustable fit lets you find a sweet spot that won't wobble around during dodges or cuts. It might not have the most advanced padding system, but the CPV is a winner for comfort and value.

Overall feel: ⭐⭐⭐

Visibility: ⭐⭐⭐

Protection: ⭐⭐⭐⭐