Bauer Vapor 1X 2.0 Hockey Skates

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Bauer Vapor 1X 2.0 Player Skates Frequently Asked Questions

About the Bauer Vapor 1X 2.0

The Bauer Vapor 1X 2.0 is an expertly crafted skate designed with elite level players in mind.

Similar to the popular Bauer Vapor 1X, the Vapor 1X 2.0 is a skate built to give players ultimate quickness and agility.

Constructed with an X-rib, 3-D lasted curv composite boot, TUUK Lightspeed Edge holders, and a Lock-Fit Pro liner for added comfort, the Bauer Vapor 1X 2.0 is a top-tier skate has the features to take any elite player to the next level.

ModelLevel of PlayPriceBuilt For
Bauer Vapor 1X 2.0Elite$$$$Quickness and Agility

Bauer Vapor 1X 2.0 - Key Features

  • X-rib, 3-D lasted curv composite boot technology for lightweight durability.
  • TUUK Lightspeed Edge holders for precision glide.
  • Lock-Fit Pro Liner for comfort and protection.

Bauer Vapor 1X 2.0 - Specs

  • Level of Play: Elite
  • Built for: Quickness and Agility
  • Fit: Flexible
  • Feel: Snug
  • Volume: Low
  • Toe Width: Slightly Narrow
  • Heel Width: Narrow
ModelFitFeelVolumeToe WidthHeel WidthBootHolder
Bauer Vapor 1X 2.0FlexibleSnugLowSlightly NarrowNarrowX-rib, 3-D lasted curv compositeTUUK Lightspeed Edge

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